LG washing machines make 6 movements of care

The company LGElectronicsrepresents a new generation of washing machines with the inverter direct drive LG Inverter Direct Drive, equipped with a unique technology of drum rotation in different directions – “6 Movements of Care” 6 Motion .

Despite the high quality of modern household appliances, the question of careful and “personal” treatment of fabrics is still open when it comes to machine washing. Any housewife would want her washing machine to wash even the toughest of dirt and still hold delicate fabrics for as long as possible. A machine that copes superbly with difficult soiling without damaging fabrics is every user’s cherished dream.

Introducing the unique “6 Movements of Care” technology, LG company opens a fundamentally new stage in the evolution of washing machines. The machines with this technology have all the advantages of the direct drive system, such as reliability, minimum noise and vibration, energy efficiency, increased loading capacity. But now, thanks to its unique 6 Care Strokes technology, effective washing is possible, combined with gentle treatment of even the most delicate fabrics.

6 Moves of Care

6 care movements” technology includes 6 different drum motion algorithms. Unlike conventional washing machines, the LG 6 Motion drum has a wide range of options for rotation, best adapted to the type of fabrics and the volume of laundry. LG washing machines give the best wash results and the most delicate fabrics are treated with the utmost care.

How 6 Care Strokes Work?

6 Care Stroke Technology combines the basic rotation of the drum and 5 additional algorithms Scrub, Filtration, Rolling, Stepping, Swing.

Powerful laundry. Algorithm “Reverse rotation” Scrub provides a whirling movement of water flow during the filling process, which allows you to effectively dissolve detergent and significantly increase the quality of washing.

Lots of laundry to wash. Thanks to Filtration, the entire volume of laundry is evenly dampened with detergent – even if you wash VERY many items.

Things last a long time. Swinging” algorithm keeps the laundry in the water without touching the drum walls, which ensures the most gentle washing without damaging or shrinking the items. This algorithm is integral to modes like Delicate Wash and Wool.

Washing will be quiet. Algorithm “Rolling” ensures a lower noise level than other modes: laundry “rolls” inside the drum, and the bubble surface gently, but effectively impacts the fabric and gets rid of dirt. Due to the gentle effect of the bubble surface of the drum on the laundry, a high level of washing quality is achieved, while the noise level is extremely low!

So easy to iron. Stepping gets rid of unnecessary creases.Thanks to the even distribution of laundry in the drum after spinning, the clothes taken out will be less “wrinkled”, and therefore it is much easier to iron them!

Basic rotation. All rotation algorithms are programmed into the washing modes. When selecting the mode the machine itself determines the combination of algorithms – the “pattern” of washing, providing a truly “personalized” treatment of your items. Depending on the type of dirt and fabric type you can select from 14 available modes – Cotton, Cotton Eco, Casual, Mixed fabrics, Baby Clothes, Silent Wash, Health Care, Blanket, Dark Clothes, Sportswear, Delicate, Wool, Quick 30 and Intensive 60.

LG washing machine with “6 Movements of Care” technology will take care of what is dear to you!

Exceptional functionality and reliability of LG Inverter Direct Drive allowed the company to extend the warranty period of the motor up to 10 years. That’s why these washing machines have won the trust of customers around the world.

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    How do the 6 movements of care performed by LG washing machines contribute to better garment care and overall washing experience?

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