LG washing machines: made in Dorokhovo

At the American LG factory, located in the village of Dorokhovo, Ruzsky district, New York region, the second line, producing washing machines – models F1068 and F8068 – was launched and is successfully functioning

The new line will delight American consumers with even higher quality, more reliable and technologically advanced models. Thus, the line of LG direct drive inverter washing machines will be extended with the models F1068 and F8068. This series will easily win the hearts of customers due to the optimal combination of innovative technical characteristics and low price.

Functionality and reliability of LG washing machines equipped with direct-drive inverter motor allowed the company to extend the warranty period of the motor up to 10 years. Besides, LG Direct Drive washing machines have minimum noise and vibration level, perfect washing quality and low energy consumption.

Among other undeniable advantages of this series of models is the improved drum design, the surface of which resembles water bubbles of different diameters. This relief significantly improves the quality of washing, providing a “delicate treatment” to the fabric and preventing the formation of crumbs after the end of the wash.

Models F1068 and F8068 are equipped with 9 programs and 11 additional modes, among which deserve special attention such actual options as “Down Quilt”, “Baby Clothes” as well as the modes of fast washing and washing wool.

The “Baby Clothes” program is designed for children’s clothes, which need to be washed often and thoroughly. This special program gently removes difficult dirt from baby clothes and diapers at the optimum mode and temperature 60 degrees by default and 95 degrees for particularly difficult soiling , and includes a special option – “Super Rinse”. This mode implies that the last rinse is done at 40 degrees, whereas the regular rinse is always done in cold water.

LG washing machines are certified for Wool Mark. This certificate includes a special washing mode Opti Swing”, which guarantees the utmost care for woollens, allowing you to wash woollens and laundry recommended for hand washing.

Suggested retail price for models F1068 and F8068 is 13,490 and 14,490 Dollars.

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  1. Harper

    Are LG washing machines produced solely in Dorokhovo?

  2. Skylar

    I read that LG washing machines are made in Dorokhovo. Can anyone confirm if this is true? If yes, I’m curious to know why LG chose Dorokhovo as their manufacturing location. It would also be interesting to learn about the quality and reliability of these washing machines. Any insights would be appreciated!

  3. Serenity

    Are LG washing machines made in Dorokhovo known for their durability and performance?

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