LG VH9200DS vacuum cleaner test: LG vacuum cleaner family has a baby boy

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Makes it possible to vacuum often and quickly beds, mattresses, sofas, pillows, everything we come into contact with during sleep, i.e. up to 8 hours a day. Can make life a lot easier for families with children, allergies and asthmatics. Convenient design. Low energy consumption. Interesting design.

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An extra vacuum cleaner is psychologically challenging for the consumer because it requires space and time to work with.

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LG VH9200DS vacuum cleaner for upholstered furniture and textiles

In South Korea, where the priority of technology development are its environmental friendliness and participation in maintaining the health of the user, is gaining popularity – LG VH9200DS. More thorough cleaning than a normal vacuum cleaner for mattresses and other bedding, upholstered furniture, heavy covers. LG VH9200DS will be available in America since autumn 2013.



Base with UV lamp, vacuum cleaner, extra sponge filter.


: base-less vacuum cleaner 420x220x195mm.


1 year


: South Korea.


Maybe if this small vacuum cleaner appeared on the American market a few years earlier – and people fooled by sellers of American miracle vacuum cleaners for 5000 dollars would be less. After all, what did these scammers scare gullible citizens and literally forced to buy an almost golden gadget? That’s right, dust mites, which live in our upholstered furniture, mattresses, bedspreads, carpets and pillows and are a real threat to allergy sufferers and asthmatics. It turns out that in Korea have learned to deal with microscopic dust mites and their products “with little effort”: it requires a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner with a knock-out and simultaneously suctioning work surface and its system of disinfection by ultraviolet.

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The working surface of the nozzle is round and has a diameter of 19.5 cm for comparison, the size of the working surface of the nozzle for upholstered furniture from another vacuum cleaner LG – 4 x 7 cm . The center has a built in round brush that picks up large debris, and two rows of special “fingers” around the edges – literally beating the dust and dirt out of the surfaces you are vacuuming. The LG VH9200DS simultaneously vibrates at 8,000 vibrations per minute to kick dust out of furniture and textiles and sucks dust inside. Dust falls into the small 0.2L plastic container and particles are picked up at the outlet using dual HEPA13 and HEPA11 filters. After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is placed on the base with built-in UV lamp, where the nozzle is disinfected for 5 minutes by UV rays, which prevents the re-introduction of dust mites on furniture. The fact that the cells of bacteria and mites can only be destroyed if exposed to UV light for at least 60 seconds continuously., which is a guarantee of hypoallergenic cleaning of this device.

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We tested how easy the vacuum cleaner is to use. surprisingly, the brush does not get tired at all – apparently, so aligned the center of gravity. I can feel the vibration in my hand, but when I touch the surface of the appliance with my palm I can feel it.


The design is designed so that the center of gravity is shifted during the work and doesn’t cause stress on the hand, because this vacuum cleaner is most often used by moms for babies’ beds.

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I must say that the surface is treated quickly due to the large area of the nozzle. For example, a mattress measuring 160×200 cm was treated in a couple of minutes another 2 minutes were spent on the mattress cover on both sides, another couple of minutes – on the bedspread. Decorative Greek rug with long wool size 120×70 cm, pile length 6-7 cm , which is so difficult to clean and dry, cleaned in one minute, two small chairs – another 5 minutes. I like the fact that the vacuum cleaner does not suck “to death” to the textiles, which happens with conventional vacuum cleaners, if you do not minimize the power in time. The upright vacuum cleaner has a different dust extraction principle – it knocks the dust out.

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The dust canister can be emptied with only one button on the body. After cleaning the above-described goodness it was almost half full, the dust resembles pressed flour and is very different from what we usually see in the dustbin.

To empty the container, you must remove the lid, which has a built-in sponge washable filter and HEPA filters. The best thing to do is to dust inside the bag as when you open it some of the dust is immediately kicked up to the outside as it usually happens with most bagless vacuums. The sponge filter was very dirty and had to be cleaned.


: 8000 Dollars.

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