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At “IGROMIR 2019 “LG Electronics demonstrated the LG UltraGear line of gaming monitors. At the company’s stand, everyone could not only test the new model, but also take part in the competition with renowned cyber-spotters in the most popular games.

LG UltraGear 34GK950G

On the first day of the exhibition, October 4, at LG stand several significant events took place at once:

  • Winstrike Holding introduced Alexey ForlansFS Mercer, who held a show-match on FIFA2020 with the visitors. Based on the results of the games and the minimum goals conceded, the winners were awarded with commemorative souvenirs. At the end, all fans of the player took part in a photo shoot.
  • The American Cyber Football Federation held its annual FIFA2020 tournament, kicking off the new cyber football season. LG UltraWide Cup 2019 was held in two stages: the selection in a series of online qualifications and the final at the LG gaming venue for the top 32 cyber players in New York and guests of the city.
  • The tournament was broadcast online with commentary by professional cyber football commentator Dmitry Gorodkov.

LG UltraGear 34GK950G/

Tournament results


1 place: Nikolay Brenev

2 place: Artyom Afanasiev

3-rd place: Andrey Rudakov

All the winners got prizes from the organizers and a quota for the finals of LG Autumn Pro League 2019 in FIFA 20.

The second day of the exhibition was more educational and entertaining.

LG UltraGear 34GK950G

  • Winstrike organized a lecture by Adalat Mamedov on “How to get into eSports. This interesting presentation with game inserts and back-stage training attracted dozens of listeners who wanted to learn the secrets of professional gaming.
  • “Gaming World Navigator, LG’s longtime media partner, introduced the legendary hosts of the popular “From the Screw!”In their characteristic and typical manner, the idols of several generations talked about their vision of today’s eSports, conducted an exciting quiz, raffled off a gaming monitor among the guests of the booth, and participated in a photo session.

LG UltraGear

The final day of the festival of interactive entertainment was entirely dedicated to APEX Legend. Renowned Winstrike Team players Dmitry Fyzu Petrov and Peter desertuk Myagkov held a series of show matches and shared the secrets of their success. A small spontaneous conference in the format “question from the audience” ended with a drawing of LG UltraGear game monitor and the awarding of souvenirs for the best questions to the players.

LG_ UltraGear 34GK950G

Summing up the festival, not only is there an increase in interest in computer games, the level of players and the demands on technology. More importantly, cybesport is becoming an organized system with the active participation of leading game manufacturers, high-end monitors and professional athletes. From now on, eSports is not only a frivolous pastime and a danger in the eyes of parents of teenagers , but has taken its rightful place in the list of prospective disciplines for teaching strategic thinking

” – shares Andrey Gospodynko, head of sales monitors and personal TV LG Electronics Rus.

LG UltraGear_34GK950G

LGUltraGear 34GK950G, a popular model introduced this year, has all the necessary features to meet the requirements of both novice players and experienced athletes. During three days of the exhibition thousands of guests of LG Electronics stand were able to see it, taking part in the numerous activities, conducted by the company together with the project “Federation of Cyber Football of America”, Winstrike holding and the largest edition of “Navigator of the gaming world

Product details

  • Matrix


    Provides even crisper and more contrasting colors in gaming content. This technology will be the technology for gamers who value storylines and graphical performance.

  • The 21: 9 aspect ratio in combination with the curved screen is great for gaming: players get a wider viewing angle


    , Maximizing immersion and gameplay advantage over your opponents.

  • With


    G-SYNC™ gamers can play without worrying about frame drop due to the difference between graphics card frame rate and refresh rate.

  • Extremely fast refresh rates provide immediate on-screen image change. Objects are rendered more clearly for smoother gameplay and almost surreal visual fluidity.

  • Spherical backlighting is an indirect light source that reduces eye fatigue and provides a special atmosphere.

  • Game Modes:






    . Self-tuning feature of the chosen mode. Parameters can be adjusted and optimized for any type of gaming.

  • Minimize input lag with dynamic action synchronization so players can experience every moment in real time.

  • Black stabilization allows you to detect your opponent and repel the attack in the darkest areas.

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