LG technology for a dream home

A well-known businesswoman and founder of the PR Trend agency Ekaterina Odintsova has chosen LG appliances for her home, which she has decorated herself.

LG housewarming

LG Studio Kitchen

LG kitchen

LG Studio built-in appliances look great in a kitchen joined with the living room: a refrigerator, cooktop and oven.

Catherine loves to cook, she was the author of a series of programs on culinary TV and released a “Collection of recipes Mom’s cooking” – dishes that can be cooked with the whole family. So I chose carefully not only the design of the appliances, but also the features.

LG oven

  • LG Studio oven keeps a precise temperature thanks to linear temperature control and a convection mode that evenly distributes heat throughout the entire volume of the chamber.
  • LG Studio built-in refrigerator works very quietly, does not require defrosting, creates the best storage conditions for fruits and vegetables in a special Moist Balance Crisper zone.
  • The LG Studio gas cooktop has a double-flame burner, which is suitable for large pots and pans. And if the burner is put out by water or draught, a special detector will shut off the gas supply.

LG gas surface

  • LG NeoChef microwave oven – a multifunctional device. Not only can it defrost food and reheat food, but it also cooks perfectly, including low-calorie meals. The oven can even make real homemade yogurt. It is also possible to sterilize baby’s dishes or to cook in a gentle mode omelette or a light muffin without frying and excessive oil. Convection mode ensures evenly baked foods, while the grill is responsible for crispy crusts.
  • LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator allows you to leave the door closed and still see the contents: you have to tap twice on the tinted glass window on the door to turn on the light and illuminate the refrigerator chamber. There is an additional compartment with a separate door for drinks and favorite foods. You don’t have to open the whole fridge to take the cooled freshness, it reduces the loss of cold air inside the chamber, which will save the food and power will not be wasted.

Clean house with LG vacuums

To keep several types of coatings on the floors of the rooms at once help robotic vacuum cleaner LG CordZero R9 and cordless upright vacuum cleaner with compression of dust LG CordZero A9K.

LG CordZero A9K cordless upright vacuum cleaner

  • Mobile – it can be easily moved to any corner of the living room or hallway.
  • Kompressor technology: dust and debris are compressed into the dust collector, allowing it to be cleaned less frequently and more conveniently.
  • For cleaning without recharging for 120 minutes, there are two batteries.

Robot vacuum cleaner LG CordZero R9

  • Hidden in the brush motor with an electric motor, which ensures effective pick-up of debris, dust and hair from different surfaces.
  • Special brush design minimizes winding of hair and pet hair on the brush, making cleaning more comfortable.
  • With the help of special software, the vacuum cleaner recognizes objects and forms the best route around the house over time. 3D DUAL Eye™ technology with a 3D front camera and 3D laser sensor allows you to locate and route around objects.
  • Front camera with a 160° view – collects information about the layout of the rooms and provides effective navigation.
  • The 3D laser sensor is able to detect delicate obstacles such as chair legs, allowing the vacuum cleaner to avoid colliding with objects as it moves around the house.
  • In HOME GUARD mode, the vacuum cleaner’s camera can respond to movement in the house and by capturing it, send this message with 5 pictures to your smartphone.

Technique control

Most of the LG appliances at Catherine’s are equipped with Wi-Fi modules, and can be controlled either from a smartphone through the LG ThinQ application, as well as on the TV control panel or using the LG smart speaker with Alice.

Modules are available in robot vacuum cleaner, LG Styler, LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator and LG NanoCell TV.

Clothes care with LG

LG washing machine

Catherine’s family uses the LG Styler steam system, LG AI DD washer and LG dryer.

LG AI DD washing machine

  • Minimizes the risk of damage to clothes.
  • Based on the volume, type, density and softness of fabrics loaded into the drum, selects the optimal algorithm from 20,000 wash combinations, extending the life of your favorite items.

LG DUAL Inverter Heat Pump™ dryer

  • Gentle drying at low temperatures, avoiding shrinkage and taking gentle care of delicate fabrics.
  • Wi-Fi control via the ThinQ mobile app allows you to remotely control the drying process, as well as synchronize the washer and dryer.

LG Styler

Smoothes creases, removes odors and restores arrows in pants. Steam technology not only improves the appearance of clothing, but also reduces allergens in clothing, bedding, children’s plush toys, backpacks and more.

LG for clothes

LG DualCool air conditioner

The interior is light, so white air conditioners of classic design are installed. I like their quiet operation, especially in the night mode, rapid cooling, as well as heating in the off-season.

LG NanoCell televisions

  • 4K quality, which, combined with HDR, delivers near-perfect color reproduction whether you’re sitting at an angle to the screen or directly in front of it.


Home Cinema

In her loft Catherine installed a home theater with a 4K LG CineBeam projector.

  • Smart TV with a wide choice of content.
  • You can choose your preferred picture diagonal up to 140 inches.

LG gram laptop and UltraFine 27″ monitor

LG laptop

  • A large monitor screen with sharp colors and perfect details is a complete desktop for collecting data, creating presentations and selecting pictures to illustrate.
  • LG gram notebook is lightweight – weighs only 999g and fits in a normal bag, so it is convenient to take it with you to business meetings. Optimal and actual 16:10 aspect ratio adds to the comfort. Latest generation Intel EVO processor pulls both standard office and many graphics programs.
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