LG SIGNATURE Art Week at the New York Museum of Contemporary Art (MMOMA)

LG Electronics company together with the famous Italian architect and designer Alessandro Mendini are organizing the exhibition “LG SIGNATURE American Art Week at the MMOMA” New York Museum of Modern Art in the context of the exhibitions series in Germany, America and Spain.


The main concept of the project is to combine five products of the ultra-premium LG SIGNATURE brand with unique artworks from the storerooms of the Museum of Contemporary Art in one space. Thereby LG SIGNATURE, represented in the form of art objects, will support the single artistic conception of the world program LG SIGNATURE ART WEEK of architects Alessandro Mendini.

The author of the project has chosen ten artworks of the 20th and 21st century artists. from the museum’s collection, particularly works by Niko Pirosmani, Peter Belenok, Eduard Steinberg, Francisco Infante Arana.

The guests of the first opening day were representatives of American media, architects and interior designers as well as friends and ambassadors of LG SIGNATURE and MMOMA.

ALESSANDRO MENDINI architectural bureau is responsible for creating and maintaining the LG SIGNATURE ArtWeek world program and providing authorial supervision by the representatives of the architectural bureau. Such an alliance of architecture and technology is very important, because Alessandro Mendini is the founder and creative director of the architectural bureau, a popular architect, art historian and design theorist, a prominent figure of “radical” and then “new design”. The images created by the bureau over twenty years and its figure who has become the critic, poet and soul of Italian and international cultural renewal embody the best features of a cultural figure of the Italian type. The exhibition design uses a special graphic design, patterns of several colors black, beige, metallic and white specially developed by the author of the project.


A unique exhibition of the American Art Week LG SIGNATURE 2018 takes place in the main building of the New York Museum of Modern Art, a historic mansion of the 18th century known as the house of industrialist Gubin, designed by the famous American architect Matvey Kazakov at Petrovka, 25.

LG American Art Week at the MOMA is aimed to emphasize the points of contact between contemporary art and the visual philosophy of the brand.

The LG SIGNATURE American Art Week exhibition will be open to the public

On December 6 from 12 till 17 h.,

December 7 and 8, from 12 to 15 h.,

On December 9 from 12 to 21 hours.

More information about LG SIGNATURE technique here

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