LG organizes LG World Record campaign

New York, September 2012. – LG Electronics LG is organizing a global marketing campaign this month to highlight the pioneering role it plays in the global consumer electronics and home appliances market. LG World Record campaign aims to highlight LG as a technology pioneer that has made life more comfortable for consumers for more than 54 years.

LG World Record

A large-scale global marketing campaign will be supported by a wide range of marketing tools, including a corporate website lg.com , TV commercials, print ads and online videos.

LG’s World Record area stores will attract customers’ attention, and detailed product information will be provided at the point of sale, telling what makes LG’s products so unique.

The LG World Record campaign will highlight examples where LG has demonstrated an innovative approach or invented something new for the industry, gaining recognition from experts and outside opinion leaders.

Among the products covered will be LG’s OLED TV, smartphones with advanced LG LTE technology, an 84-inch 3D Ultra Definition UD TV and a refrigerator with door-to-door functionality for increased energy savings.

A 55-inch OLED television

LG’s 55-inch OLED TV was first shown at CES, where it won Best of the Best CES 2012 award and was named “Best of Show” by CNET editors. At the World IT Show WIS in Seoul, LG’s OLED TV won the President’s Award for Multimedia Technology.

The frame width of LG OLED-TV is only 4 mm, and weighs 10 kg, the body is made of carbon fiber. It features the WRGB color model, which includes 4-Color Pixels and Color Refiner to create the most accurate, saturated and natural image on the screen.

LG 4-Color Color Pixel technology, adds a “fourth” white subpixel to the usual three to improve color reproduction. The innovative WRGB technology differentiates OLED TVs from the usual three-color, RGB system. This allowed LG designers to reduce the thickness and weight of televisions.

84-inch Ultra Definition UD 3D TV

LG unveiled an 84-inch Ultra Definition UD 3D TV at CES in January. Equal in size to four 42-inch televisions, it delivers amazing picture quality with 8 million pixels per frame and 3840 x 2160 resolution, four times greater than existing Full HDTVs.

LG UD 3D TV with LG Triple XD Engine and Resolution Upscaler brings an amazingly crisp image to its giant screen. And when paired with LG CINEMA 3D technology, it delivers the most immersive 3D viewing experience available today.

Best LTE smartphones based on LG’s unrivaled LTE patent portfolio

According to a report by analyst firm Jefferies & Company, LG holds the most LTE-related patents, with 23% of the approximately 1,400 underlying patents registered worldwide, valued at nearly $8 billion.

US-based intellectual property IP analytics and consulting firm TechIPm has confirmed that LG now owns the largest share of the 187 critical LTE-related patents filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office between January and June 2012.

Refrigerator with door-in-door function

LG introduced door-in-door refrigerators in 2009. These models have a special two-layer door with a special panel that, with a quick touch of a button, gives users unexpected new placement options.

Thanks to innovative door-in-door technology, refrigerator users have convenient access to their favorite snacks and beverages without having to open the main refrigerator door. LG’s door-in-door function is easy to use and reduces cold air leakage from the refrigerator, helping to keep food fresher for longer.

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