LG MG 6343BMD Double Grill Microwave Oven Review

Lovers of savory dishes will be pleased to know the possibilities of the Dual Grill. The second grill is mobile, so the grill heats the food from both sides and it is not necessary to turn it. Dual grill includes not one but two heaters, one of them is quartz. It heats faster and emits heat more intensely.

LG MG 6343BMDLG_MG_6343BMD Microwave oven with double grill

LG MG 6343BMD microwave oven with double grill


“Dancing flower” – poetic and romantic, with a tart oriental touch – the design evokes thoughts of summer, travel, carefree and beauty. The curve of the flowers is like the curve of a dancer’s body, Strauss waltzes and airy ball gowns come to mind.

Lightness is the key word to understand the designer’s thoughts. In any kitchen this oven is the eye-catcher of your guests. You want to walk up to it and it is interesting to look at it. In winter it’s a warm day, in summer an oasis of delightful relaxation.


Lovers of savory dishes will be pleased to know the possibilities of the Dual Grill. The second grill is mobile, so the grill burns on both sides and the food does not need to be turned. Double grill includes not one but two heaters, one of which is quartz. It heats faster and emits heat more intensively.

The mode uses more than 2 kW of power, so the grill is as efficient as a full-size oven, which means that every dish has a crispy crust. No one would believe you can cook like this in a microwave.

LG MG 6343BMD1 Double Grill Microwave Oven


VOLUME: 23 l.

FUNCTIONS: 800 W microwave, 5 power levels, quartz grill +TEN grill2100 W, microwave + grill 2250 W “World Cuisines” automatic programs 44 , automatic defrosting 4 , step-by-step cooking, quick start, timer 90 min.

CONTROL: Touch-sensitive, LED display, mode buttons, quick start, child-proof.

CARE: EasyClean enamel.

ACCESSORIES: Swivel table 28.4 cm, grid iron.

DIMENSIONS: 485x280x385 mm.

WEIGHT: 14,5 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year + 10 years on EasyClean cover.

The application for cell phone “Culinary Academy” allows not only finding an interesting and, importantly, step by step recipe for the occasion breakfast, romantic dinner, children’s lunch , but also to control the purchase of the necessary ingredients. Pick a recipe, add it to your “Shopping List” – and be sure you won’t forget to buy anything when you come to the store. Over time, you’ll have a book of recipes you and your family have tested in your phone.

“Culinary Academy” is also an assistant in selecting and operating kitchen appliances. What microwave oven to choose and what to cook in it? How to use the oven properly? The LG app has all the answers.


Cleaning will not take too much time either. The oven walls are coated with EasyClean easy-clean enamel, the kind used in ovens. It is a powder enamel which, when fused, forms a perfectly smooth surface. Stains and the most difficult-to-remove fats do not stick to it. It is sufficient to wipe the oven walls with a damp cloth and a drop of dishwashing detergent.

The coating has all the necessary properties. It is heat-resistant and withstands cooking and grilling. Resistant to various substances. And of course it looks great every day, pleasing the hostess

Importantly, the company provides a 10-year warranty on the EasyClean coating.

Built-in microwave ovens


It’s no secret that microwave ovens often fail to perform the most basic tasks. When reheating, food overheats and when defrosting, because of the uneven process, food heats up on the outside while remaining icy on the inside. This is because the waves do not work uniformly. LG I-wave technology solves this problem.I-wave is the spreading of the waves in a spiral, it ensures deep and even heat penetration in the center as well as on the edges of the food. The special design of the inner wall helps waves propagate evenly throughout the entire volume of the chamber, which also ensures more even cooking.


Reducing energy consumption is one of the main trends in home appliances. New models of LG microwave ovens are equipped with EcoOn function. It’s an eco-function that serves to switch to a zero energy mode. When the EcoOn button is pressed, even the display stops consuming energy. That is, in standby mode, it is equal to zero.

But you don’t have to turn it on. If the oven remains idle for five minutes, whether the door is open or closed, the light automatically shuts off. And that’s another big savings factor.

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