LG mask: safe journeys into pandemic

I wore the LG Puricare AP300AWFA HEPA-filter air purifier mask when I rode the Sapsan to St. Petersburg at the height of another pandemic wave, went down to the New York subway, visited a doctor’s practice, and shopped.

So, my personal experience with LG mask.

Natasha Smirnova

How I look in it

LG mask has a stylish design: I look like a “Star Wars” hero.

In the spring, every time I appeared on the subway, people around me were fascinated by it. In summer people hardly pay attention to me anymore.

Is it heavy and how does it fit?

This air purifier mask weighs only 126g.

It can be secured in two ways:

  • fabric adjustable holders behind the ears.
  • with a special device around the head.

The second way is more comfortable, takes the load off your ears: rubberized strip is attached to the fabric holders and securely fixes the mask. Adjustable fabric holder length to keep the mask from slipping and stay in place.

What LG mask is made of

LG mask is made of high quality plastic with medical silicone inserts, two air intakes with HEPA-filters on each side, at the bottom there is a valve for air escape.

It fits your face snugly thanks to the silicone insert, which minimizes air leakage around your nose and chin. In its place this insert is fastened with magnets. I took it off every day, rinsed it with water, brought it to the mask, and it fastened itself back on easy enough .

LG mask

How the mask cleans the air

The great thing about this personal air purifier is the presence of two H13 HEPA filters that protect against viruses, bacteria and allergens 99.95% efficiency according to the manufacturer .

I’m sure it’s a real salvation for allergy sufferers. And in a pandemic, the ability to breathe clean air in public places. No unpleasant odors in transport: intrusive perfume, sweat in the heat, cigarettes, gasoline and exhaust, etc.d. I have not smelled anything in the mask!


How long do filters last?

The filters need to be replaced once a month based on 6 hours of use per day .

The set is sold at the manufacturer’s online store. I have not yet changed: I do not use the mask on a daily basis.

LG mask assembly

Why the mask has a fan

For easy breathing, the mask has built-in inverter fans that deliver a stream of fresh air. It’s automatically triggered by a special sensor as soon as you inhale.

Airflow is pressurized based on breathing rhythm and volume. An average of 30 lpm for walking, 80-90 lpm for running.

What are the modes

There are 3 power modes, which are switched with a button on the body of the mask:

  • One push for easy breathing,
  • two is for walking,
  • three – for running.

I use 2 and 3 modes, the first is not enough for comfortable breathing.

LG Mask Details

Where does the moisture go

Moisture from breathing is captured by special disposable pads. There are ten of them in the set, later you will have to buy or cut out from medical masks.

But when you are actively moving around the city, my face sweats, exhaled air does not have time to come out through the valve. Want to wipe your face with a tissue.

No such thing in travel. When sitting still, air has time to escape through the valve.

How long the charge lasts

The mask worked at maximum power all the way to St. Petersburg, that is 4 hours.

On the power below it can last up to 8 hours.

The 820 mAh lithium-ion battery can be charged in less than 2 hours USB Type-C connector .

LG mask with bag

Where to store

When you take the mask off, it is better to put it in a soft bag, which comes with. Otherwise you can drop the disposable filter or silicone insert.

I have a problem with the mask: I can’t hear my conversation partner very well. In the clinic or in the store I had to put the mask down. Same problem when making a phone call or walking with a friend. I did it like this: I hold the medical mask on my chin and if I need to talk, I change their places. Perhaps this feature will be improved in the next version of the mask.

The feeling of safety, the ability to breathe and not be afraid not only of viruses but also of allergens.

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