LG introduces a new educational children’s tablet for multifaceted child development LG KidsPad

New York, October 11, 2013. – LG Electronics LG introduces to the American market a new educational children’s tablet LG KidsPad. The product is designed for children from 3 to 6 years old and has a variety of educational as well as entertainment content. The concept of learning children’s tablet allows to involve the child in the process of learning and preparation for school at an early age, promoting versatile development of the baby. Learning happens through fascinating games and interesting applications.

Computers & Peripherals

Unlike traditional tablets, LG KidsPad does not contain a Wi-Fi module, this gives parents the confidence that their child will be protected from unwanted content. What’s more, a special parental mode allows you to set the tablet to turn off automatically after a set period of time, helping to keep your children’s eyesight and health. LG KidsPad was created with the safety of the child: to reduce the visual load in the device has a function of auto brightness adjustment screen depending on lighting, protective cover of non-toxic materials to soften the fall.

The use of interactive books, lessons, games and fascinating applications contributes to the linguistic, emotional, cognitive and creative development of the child. The body of the model, the protective cover and the stylus are in bright colors, attractive to the child, helping to captivate your baby by studying English, mathematics. You can create a handy stand for a novelty out of the building blocks. On the plane, in the car, in the queue the child won’t be bored and will have a good time at the same time.

“Today’s children use their parents’ smartphones and tablets every day, they love electronic devices so much they don’t want to part with them. But I wish the games would both entertain and teach at the same time,” said Mr. Byon Dong Seung Byon , president of LG Electronics in America. – It is important that the device materials were safe for the child. With LG KidsPad you can not worry that the child accidentally downloaded from the Internet a dangerous content, or will break the screen of a parent’s smartphone. This educational children’s tablet is designed with the child’s health in mind.”.

Thanks to the built-in interactive books, children are unobtrusively involved in reading and writing. Through games, songs and drawing, the full development of the child. You can save on the tablet and take with you on the road favorite children’s songs in MP3 format or teach your baby to sing at karaoke American songs are already installed on LG KidsPad. In addition, based on the age and skill level of the child, parents can buy additional cartridges with more programs and books for a consistent and systematic learning. Cartridges with popular and effective educational content, it is planned to develop and produce on a permanent basis. Among them, the educational series for preschoolers “Learning with Masha” with the popular characters from the animated cartoon “Masha and the Bear” will help children not only learn numbers, colors, and shapes, but also get answers to frequently asked questions, learn about transportation, professions, animals, and nature. In addition, exercises in the form of a game help train memory, associative thinking, logic, speech development, visual analysis, orientation skills, and teach them to answer questions and formulate their thoughts correctly. The “Smeshariki Academy” series for children aged 2-5 includes not only books about the well-known characters and their incredible adventures, but also many other useful learning books. Parents will also be able to buy cartridges with a series about nature, the world’s classic fairy tales, learning math, reading, writing, English, etc.

Learning children’s tablet LG KidsPad will appear on the American market in November 2013 at a recommended maximum retail price of 7990 Dollars.


Key Features:

Interactive books, lessons and game-like exercises

Exciting mini-games/drawing

Children’s songs in American with karaoke lullaby mode

Mom mode for content management and setting time limits

Specially designed additional cartridges with popular cartoon characters in usa purchased separately

Focus locking camera photos 0 .3 megapixel camera and video recording

ARM9 processor

Rugged 7″ 800×480 LCD touchscreen display

RAM 1 GB free to use 377 MB

Light sensor for auto brightness adjustment

Stereo speakers for accurate voice reproduction and clear pronunciation

Colorful design

Protective cover

Stylus for learning to write

3-D accelerometer

Headphone jack

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