LG introduced on American market a new IPS monitor 32UD89 with 4K UHD resolution

UHD 4K resolution monitor lets you enjoy computer graphics to the fullest. All the details and objects appear to you in stunning precision. Built-in IPS color sensor lets you see content from any angle without distortion. Monitors are factory calibrated before they get to your desk, so you can start working right out of the box.

Computers and peripherals
Computers & Peripherals

LG 32UD89 monitor

Extra-thin screen frame and exquisite curved leg design will inspire you to create design combinations in your interior. And built-in speakers with Rich Bass sound system allow you to enjoy great sound without additional devices.

Universal USB Type-C™ port lets you not only stream content from a variety of gadgets, but also charge your laptop or smartphone at the same time.Thanks to the “On Screen Display” feature, any settings and system changes will be hassle-free. You can make any changes with a few clicks of the mouse. You can get more options by downloading the OnLine Control software from the lge website.com

Thanks to the optional “Screen Menu” feature software, you can perfectly organize your workspace. For your convenience, you will find 14 options for screen division.

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