LG Electronics received three Product of the Year 2012 awards

New York, April 18, 2012. – LG Electronics company was awarded by the national award “Product of the Year 2012” in the following nominations: “The best TV set with Smart TV technology” – LG LED TV 55LM960V, “Washing Machine” – LG F1443KDS7, “Vacuum Cleaner” – LG Kompressor VK81101HF.

LG Electronics received three awards in the National Award

Independent National Award “Product of the Year” was founded in 2004, and is awarded annually as part of America’s largest international exhibition of consumer electronics Consumer Electronics Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo. The Award was organized by MIDEXPO company, and the general partner was the Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Electric Household and Computer Equipment RATEK.

The winners were chosen by the competent jury of awards, which consisted of the editors of leading trade publications and independent experts on the consumer electronics market, who evaluated the appliances according to the results of independent testing and open voting.

LG 55LM960V TV set

The LG 55LM960V won in the Best Smart TV category

Smart TV technology in LG televisions allows enjoying a rich choice of new entertainment products, from web surfing in a comfortable big screen format to the store of functional applications and game services, the number of which is constantly growing.

LG’s smart TVs now include most of the popular video-on-demand services on the market, including IVI, Zoomby, Now. YotaPlay, Tvigle, as well as access to a daily updated archive of the leading American entertainment TV channels: Channel One, VGTRK, STS and many other local services.

In the TV model 55LM960V from LG functionality of Smart TV was complemented by such handy features as WiDi the ability to use the TV as a second screen for a laptop without wires , Mobile Share the ability to wirelessly transmit content from mobile devices and Second Display Second Screen the ability to wirelessly transmit TV signal to a mobile device .

LG 55LM960V is also a 3D TV with flicker-free passive technology and improved picture quality through the use of NANO Full LED backlight. The 3D Depth Control function allows the user to adjust the depth of the TV picture. 3D-sound function allows you to emphasize the sound of three-dimensional objects in addition.

In addition, the function of converting 2D to 3D was significantly upgraded, which solves the problem in the lack of 3D content, as you can convert any signal from any source, including video, games from consoles, etc.

Design of LG Cinema 3D TV 55LM960V is simple and neat Cinema Screen Design – the main feature is a thin metal frame 4mm framing the side of the TV, allowing the screen and the frame becomes one surface. The TV also has a unique stand that complements the concept of a floating TV design.

For maximum comfort, control LG Cinema 3D TVs developed a remote control Magic Motion, work with which reminds navigation of a computer mouse.

New remote control features added in 2012 include a gesture guide with specially programmed swiping movements, scroll wheel control for scrolling through pages in much the same way as on a computer screen, and a unique voice control for inputting text and selecting TV channels American is supported .

LG F1443KDS7 Bigin washing machine

LG F1443KDS7 Big model has won the prize in the Washing machine categoryin

LG F1443KDS7 Big In washing machine with the super-loading up to 11 kg in the standard 600 mm deep housing, combines all the advanced technologies for high-quality and gentle washing of the clothes. The technological perfection of the model F1443KDS7 lies in the use of a reliable and durable direct drive system and an innovative shock absorber system that reduces vibration and noise to the lowest possible value.

The model is also equipped with the unique technology “6 Motion DD” and the function of steam washing True Steam TM. Vapor wash function to quickly freshen your clothes, eliminating unpleasant odors and effective for combating allergens.

With a standard cabinet size, LG washing machines have the largest drum in the category 75 liters and can hold up to 11 kg of laundry. The loading process of the things is considerably simplified by the wide door of the machine – the diameter of the door is 350 mm.

The Bigin A revolutionary approach to vibration reduction has been implemented, which includes four main elements: ball balancer, vibration isolation seal, cushioning system, vibration sensor.

Big series washing machinein Equipped with additional design solutions such as water recirculation system for efficient wetting of the laundry, Aqualock leak protection system, inclined drum for reduced water consumption and easy loading of laundry, magnetic lock for refill of laundry, load detector to set the best water level and cycle time. LG is so confident in the quality of its washing machines that it provides a 10-year warranty on the direct-drive motor.

LG Kompressor VK81101HF Smart Elite vacuum cleaner

LG Kompressor VK81101HF Smart Elite has been voted the best vacuum cleaner

LG Kompressor VK81101HF Smart Elite is the unique vacuum cleaner with the world’s first automatic dust collection system Kompressor, high and stable suction power 420W . The dust is compressed into tight briquettes during compression, which allows for three times less frequent emptying of the dust container without releasing dust back into the air. Moreover this model, thanks to the built-in sensors, will tell you when the container is full and if it is necessary to clean the filter.

Kompressor technology

Kompressor technology is a unique development of LG and changes the way you clean. Dust does not just go into the container, it is now automatically compressed into dense briquettes, due to which the container holds 3 times more dust than conventional dustbins, and when emptying the container, even small dust does not get back into the air.

Turbo Cyclone System

The Turbo Cyclone system provides a constant high suction power, also by effectively filtering/separating the dust from the air. Dust and debris flow into the container, and airflow is unobstructed as it passes through the filtration system, not clogging it or reducing suction power

Double noise absorption system

In a vacuum cleaner LG Kompressor VK81101HF Smart Elite has the double system of noise absorption, the additional rubber cover on the motor and the system of absorption of vibrations of the motor – all these technologies allows to reduce the noise level of the vacuum cleaner to the maximum 74 dB.

Unique layered filtration system

In addition the LG Komressor Smart Elite model is equipped with a multilayer filtration system HEPA13 exhaust carbon filter with 8 layers + carbon filter , which filters out dust particles and allergens from 0.12 microns or less, which is quite effective even against cigarette smoke and other odors.

Loader and filter indicators

When cleaning our apartment, we often face a situation where we do not know how full the dust canister is, and how dirty the filter is, so we clean them beforehand. LG Kompressor Smart Elite uses a special indicator to tell you when the bin is full and when it needs to be emptied. A filter indicator signals in advance if the filter is dirty. Timely cleaning can help prevent the loss of vacuuming power and keep outgoing air clean. And best of all, user contact with dust is now reduced to a minimum.

Kompressor Smart Elite dust container is made of polycarbonate, which cushions it in case of impact. A variety of nozzles make it easy to clean not only floors and carpets, but also furniture. The model is added with a new combined turbo brush for cleaning the floor and carpets. Thanks to the hydrostatic bearings without oil lubrication , the wheel rotating mechanism operates without wear and tear, providing a smooth and fast movement on any surface 9-meter cord and a range of 12 m. make it easy to clean even very large rooms. Vacuum bag capacity of 1.2 liters., controls on the handle, aluminum telescopic tube will also make it more comfortable to use this vacuum cleaner.

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