LG DUALCOOL air conditioners with multistage filtration system

LG DUALCOOL 2021 air conditioners with the new AirCare Complete System provide fresh, purified air through a multi-stage filtration system.


Utilizes LG UVnano technology and automatic cleaning, while keeping the air and the unit itself clean from the inside out.

Fast cooling and high energy efficiency.

AirCare Complete System

It is a multi-step process to ensure the purity of air conditioners. This is important because the cleanliness inside the unit greatly affects the cleanliness of the airflow it creates.

  1. Air Care Complete System pre-filter traps large dust particles.
  2. Ultrafine Dust Remover removes up to 99,9% of ultrafine dust
  3. Allergy filter reduces the presence of various allergens such as mites in house dust, fungi and mold.UVnano and Auto Cleaning functions

Help keep the inside of the new air conditioner models cleaner and provide cleaner airflow.

UVnano removes up to 99.99% of bacteria from the fan and Auto Cleaning automatically dries all moisture inside the air conditioners so they are always operating at maximum efficiency and are safe for humans.

Additional Benefits of LG DUALCOOL


  • DUAL Inverter Compressor units provide efficient cooling using up to 70% less energy than air conditioners with conventional compressors.
  • Remote control and monitoring capability creates more comfort: with ThinQ app for mobile devices, touch or voice command. Energy consumption can also be monitored through the app.
  • Backlit remote control makes it easy to change additional settings and air conditioner parameters at night.
  • New models are compatible with other LG smart devices.


With multi-stage filtration and UVnano, our innovative AirCare Complete System eliminates any concerns about airflow quality produced by our latest DUALCOOL models

, – noted Liu Jae-chul, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution. –

By listening to our customers and leveraging our expertise in air purification technology, LG will continue to create solutions that set a new standard for clean indoor air and help make life better at home

LG DUALCOOL 2021 air conditioners with the new AirCare Complete System are already available in American stores.

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