LG DOORCOOLING refrigerators

LG Electronics LG introduces LG DoorCooling bottom freezer refrigerators to the American market+.

LG DoorCooling+

  • The Linear Cooling™ system automatically controls the temperature of the entire cold storage compartment to within ± 0.5°C.
  • Uniform as well as fast cooling is also maintained by DoorCooling+™ technology: cold air is supplied from the top of the refrigerator, ensuring that even normally hard-to-reach areas such as door baskets are cooled. It significantly reduces the temperature difference between the door and the inside of the refrigerated compartment.

Responding to consumer demand, LG has worked tirelessly to create a refrigerator with truly breakthrough technology that keeps food fresher for longer, combined with high energy efficiency

, – Mr. Il Hwan Lee, President of LG Electronics in America and CIS. –

We believe that the launch of the DoorCooling+™ refrigerator will strengthen our position in the premium refrigerator market

  • Fresh Balancer™ technology ensures optimal humidity levels according to the types of products.
  • Fresh Converter offers users three temperature modes to set optimal conditions for each type of food: meat, fish and vegetables.

Many of the benefits offered by LG’s latest DoorCooling+™ refrigerators would not be possible without the integration of a number of advanced technologies. One of them is LG’s inverter linear compressor. Recognized leader in the field of energy efficiency, it has a decisive role in maintaining the high performance of the new model. It runs 32% more efficiently than a conventional LG reciprocating compressor.2

The combination of this and several other features significantly reduces energy consumption, allowing consumers to save money on their energy bills.

LG DoorCooling+ bottom freezer refrigerators

LG’s inverter linear compressor also increases the reliability and durability of the new lower freezer compartment refrigerator. Rigorously tested to show that it resists wear and tear better in daily use, and makes 25% less noise.

Additional research estimates the average life of the refrigerator’s core technology at about 20 years.

  • Ease of use is further enhanced by a foldable shelf that offers more space for bulky items.
  • Wine rack holds up to five bottles of wine.
  • Zero door clearance allows you to place the refrigerator against the wall and open the refrigerator door to 90 degrees, freely pulling out the drawers.
  • The spacious freezer compartment makes the refrigerator even more convenient with larger drawers for storing frozen foods.

In addition, LG refrigerator with DoorCooling+ technology is distinguished by its elegant lines and thoughtful use of materials. The seamless metal touchscreen display, the hidden rectangular handle and the soft light of its LED panel are both practical and emphasize the minimalism and elegant design of the refrigerator.

LG DOORCOOLING refrigerators

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