LG DB425TXS flagship dishwasher with automatic door opening

LG Electronics LG introduces the flagship model of its line of dishwashers – the LG DB425TXS. Its main feature is the automatic door opening function after the washing cycle. Thanks to this option the dishes are completely dried: when you open the door excess steam goes out and ventilates the contents of the inner chamber.


Easy loading, maximum convenience and reliability

The convenient EasyRack™ Plus basket system provides the ability to adjust the upper basket to three levels of height, adjust the height of the third cutlery section, and lower or raise the folding dish holders. That makes it easy to put different cutlery and utensils anywhere, any way you want – whether it’s a pan on the top shelf or a bowl on the bottom.

Reliable direct-drive inverter motor 10-year warranty in the LG DB425TXS increases energy efficiency and reduces noise levels. The motor also adjusts the water pressure in the spray arms, providing a lower pressure for delicate dishes and a higher pressure for pots and pans.


The LG DB425TXS’s different dishwasher modes give you maximum convenience in cleaning and drying your dishes, making them easy to care for. This turbo cycle cleans dirty dishes in less than an hour. Dual Zone Wash automatically adjusts water spray intensity – a low pressure for the upper level and a high pressure for the lower level – for gentle care of delicate dishes and powerful cleaning of bulky pans. During the rinse cycle, the temperature in the interior reaches up to 80°C, ensuring hygienic cleaning of the dishes in the final wash cycle.



QuadWash™ technology four-blade sprayer delivers high quality wash results. Multi-directional paddles spray water at different angles for even cleansing on all levels, cleaning dishes of all shapes and sizes from all sides.

Another key technology for quality and gentle care of dishes is the LG TrueSteam technology, which provides steam for treating the dishes. This high-temperature mode easily loosens stubborn dirt and cleans without streaks dishes, from fragile cutlery to metal pots and pans. Its additional advantage, especially important for allergy sufferers and families with children, is the destruction of bacteria and allergens up to 99.9%.

Smart Home Appliances

With the LG ThinQ™ smartphone app, the LG DB425TXS dishwasher lets you download new wash cycles to fit your needs. The smart app allows you to adapt the dishwasher’s operation to any rhythm of life and choose different cleaning options. A cleaning reminder to keep the dishwasher clean. After every 30 cycles, the indicator light in the app will turn green, letting you know it’s time to start the cleaning cycle. And Smart Diagnosis identifies problems quickly with a smartphone, offering easy steps and solutions.

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