LG CineBeam HF85LSR and HF80LSR laser projectors

LG Electronics LG presents laser projectors of CineBeam series at the American market: LG HF85LSR and LG HF80LSR ultra-short-focus projectors with brightness of 2000 Lumens. Both projectors support Smart TV webOS4.0 and operated by Magic remote control, offer up to 120″ diagonal image in Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

LG CineBeam HF85LSR

The LGHF80LSR with 2000 lumens and Full HD resolution compares to the previous generation HF80JS, as well as the LGHF85LSR comparing to the popular HF85JS 7, has a more efficient optical system for even higher brightness.

  • LG_ CineBeam HF85LSR

    The new optical system with an improved color wheel, provides more accurate, deep and vivid colors compared to the HF80JS.

  • A new powerful 4-core processor gives the projector an immediate response to commands and significantly speeds up navigation on the menu and content in numerous Smart applications.
  • Unlike conventional projectors, the HF80LSR and HF85LSR support wireless transmission of image, sound and video content when connected to PCs, smartphones via Screen Share and wireless speakers via Bluetooth.
  • The light source are laser diodes with the lifetime of 20,000 hours, which corresponds to 4 hours of viewing a day for more than 13 years.

LG CineBeam HF85LSR

The ultra short focus of the LG HF85LSR with 1500 Lumens brightness provides a 90″ diagonal image when the projector is mounted only 8 cm from the wall.

The projector can be simply put on a table or a pedestal and it blends harmoniously into your interior design. You can not worry about the shadows on the screen, as ultra-short focus eliminates their appearance.

LG CineBeam_ HF85LSR

Both projectors offer a number of useful features:

So, any user can easily adjust the image on the projector screen with the auto keystone correction function.

No more need to have a laptop to watch videos or presentations. The USB port supports playback of video files, images, music and office files such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

LG continues to refine its CineBeam home theater projectors, improving color reproduction, speed with Smart TV applications and high-quality content

, – Evgeniy Ovcharov, the leading expert of LG Electronics “Projectors” division, comments. –

LG’s advanced technologies for improved picture and sound quality enhance the viewing experience, and a variety of connectivity options increase the number of usage scenarios


LG CineBeam HF85LSR projector

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