LG BP 730 Blu-ray player review: no need to dance or sing, just sit and watch in silence.

This is the senior device in the new line of BD-players from LG with a “T” in the middle of the index . The main difference from its younger brothers is the ability to convert video to Ultra HD resolution 2160p and convert 2D to 3D. In addition, it is equipped with the proprietary remote control Magic Remote, but more about that below.

Also, – unlike BP430K and BP630K, it has no karaoke function. Apparently, the Korean engineers thought that having at home a device with Ultra HD resolution, and even in three dimensions, the owner will have no time to sing.

Video technology

Blu-ray player LG BP 730


Resolution of video output signal HD

: 720p, 1080i, 1080p

Supported media

Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray 3D, BD-R, BD-Re, DVD R, DVD RW, CD-R, CD-RW

Supported formats

: MP3, WMA, MKV, H.264, MPEG4, XviD, JPEG


: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD MasterAudio


: CD to MP3 conversion, HDMI control, Internet access, upscaling to HDTV resolution, progressive scan, built-in Wi-Fi adapter, Smart TV.


(WxHxD : 400x38x203mm


: 1.6 kg



HDMI 1.4a, digital audio Toslink



As many LG devices, the main interface is HDMI, – given the capabilities of the device – version 1.4a. No other video outputs. But the audio outputs are few, – analog under the mini-jack and digital optical. Speaking of which, its congenie, the BP630K, released this year, has a coaxial audio output. Which is better, “coaxial” or “optic” is an eternal debate with many arguments in both directions. But if we take into account that this is not a CD player, but a BD player, – and even with a pronounced “movie” accent upscaling, converting into three-dimensional, Smart TV , then it is not clear what caused such change of position. It would be more logical to leave the “coaxial”, t.to. In this case there are more switching possibilities.

There are also USB 2 connectors.0 and DLNA, Wi-Fi adapter built-in, NFC.


The body is made of two parts. The lower one is bigger, a little bit more forward.

As LG’s top-of-the-line Blu-ray player, the unit features slot loading. The “crack” for the disc is just between the two parts. The USB port is located on the front panel of the lower part, on the right. Above it are the touch keys. The assembly is accurate, the device is not the cheapest one.

Media player

The hard drive test disk, not large by modern standards 320 GB with a rather ramified structure and quite a lot of files was read by the device in a couple of seconds, – not a bad result. By the way, the manufacturers, in general, claim support for an external drive reading up to 2TB.

I didn’t have any troubles with reading files in different containers. The most responsible test, playing “heavy” mkv, the player passed without problems. No freezes or other problems during playback or rewind.


Disks both video and audio can be played on all types of discs, – except, of course, HD DVD format. When you insert the disc into the slot of the drive the mechanism operates like a professional pickpocket, softly but firmly.

A BD with 3D content was also read in two seconds. You only have to insert it and you are already enjoying your pleasure. No extraneous sounds are heard during reading.


Besides reading DVDs and USB-drives, the device can connect to the network, show Smart TV, upscale videos to Ultra HD 2160p resolution and convert 2D content into 3D.

No major problems with the network. To tell the truth, when booting up you have to wait a little longer than you would from the disk or a hard drive, which is understandable.

Smart TV – typical for LG. In the menu there are a few known American services actually standard for Smart TV and branded LG. Also has a full-featured web browser. When connecting to the router LG BP 730 behaved friendly – highlighted all the possible connections, if you select a closed network on the virtual keyboard, of course, type the code and the connection occurs. It would seem – it is the norm, not deserving a separate description, but, unfortunately, sometimes when connecting the devices there are “dancing with tambourine” ..

And, of course, the most interesting moment is the work with LG proprietary remote control, Magic Remote. Of course, this is another topic, worthy of a separate review, but, if it comes with a set … Magic Remote, – who do not know, the remote, allowing you to control the device using a graphical interface. When you change its position the pointer on the screen also moves, as if you move, for example, a laser pointer. Accordingly, if you choose the desired remote control on the screen, it is activated by pressing the button. I must say that the technology is a bit too much for one’s liking. To understand whether you like read, need it or not, you should try it for yourself. Of course, the idea is very interesting, but may not please everyone. But it is fair to say that this function is quite good. You don’t have to aim, check your hand to make sure you don’t miss, etc..


The clarity and details are good, but the color rendering is not entirely realistic. Besides, I would like the transitions between tones to be smoother. When you “overclock” the video, at first glance, the sharpness of objects increases, but artifacts become more noticeable, if they are on the source material. And the picture itself loses its vividness, you feel as when listening to a digitized vinyl record or watching a black and white film.

When converting 2D into 3D “volume” appears, but, again, incomplete – although this is inherent in fact the majority of similar devices.


For movies the sound is not bad, but this device is hardly suitable for listening to music, be it for playing CDs, from a flash drive or from the net. Audiophile-speak, the highs sound a little bit harsh and the vocals do not sound distinct. However, the device does not pretend to be installed in the audio system. Its main purpose – it is, all the same, the cinema.


Last year, LG launched the LG 84LM960V Ultra HD 4K TV. Much has been said about the “unloaded shotgun syndrome” – by and large there is almost no full 4K content. This item, the BP 730, could probably be seen as the company’s attempt to take patronage of the buyers of its top-of-the-range model, the 84LM960V.

By the way, it also opens an umbrella over the rival Sony KD-84X9005 model which also has 4K resolution, – but there’s nothing we can do about it. Now, in addition, a similar model appeared in the “countrymen” – Samsung UE85S9.

A TV set with a smaller diagonal, but also with 4K resolution was released by Toshiba..

So if you need to raise the resolution of the video or make it three-dimensional – to somehow fill the existing gaps with content and use your display “to the fullest”, this unit – for you.


: neat and well-built, loads of features.

A shame

Video viewing via HDMI only, music ability is low.


: if you do plan to use the unit as a sound source, try to experiment with analog RCA connection.

The price is

: 6700 Dollars.

Video equipment

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