LG: a robot comes to clean right away

LG Electronics company represents on the American market the 5th generation of robot-vacuum cleaners – LG Hom-Bot VR5901LVM . The novelty provides high-quality, fast and quiet cleaning, freeing the hostess from cleaning the floor – the vacuum cleaner does everything himself.

Intelligence? Obvious

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Thanks to the two cameras and 40 sensors, a robot vacuum cleaner quickly and effectively cleans every corner of your home, making cleaning a truly easy task.

LG Hom-Bot, comparing images from the overhead camera that scans the ceiling, determines its location in the room.

And with the bottom camera sensor, it scans the floor and senses the distance to obstacles. Based on the information from both cameras, the robot vacuum cleaner develops the optimal cleaning route and remembers it.

Multiple sensors also help Hom-Bot detect obstacles. In particular, its five infrared sensors in the electronic bumper allow the robot vacuum cleaner to slow down when an obstacle is detected and avoid hitting it. And a hydrosensor helps to determine the angle of turn and adjust the movement according to the route.

To ensure the most efficient cleaning of the premises in a robot vacuum cleaner is programmed several modes of cleaning – manual and 2 automatic.

In manual mode using the remote control you can do spiral cleaning which is designed to clean an area within a radius of 1 meter, for example, stains. In automatic zig-zag mode, suitable for rooms with many obstacles, the vacuum cleaner goes back and forth around obstacles.

Extended cleaning mode for more thorough cleaning. The unit divides the room into equal squares of area and cleans on a zig-zag pattern, one square at a time.

Comfort? Unavoidable.

As an advanced model designed with all of LG Electronics’ innovative technologies, Hom-Bot provides the consumer with maximum comfort and ease of use.

With audible, russified messages, it informs you of its current status. You can also set the vacuum to run for 1 to 12 hours at a time.

After cleaning, Hom-Bot automatically returns to the charger to recharge. If the battery runs out of power while you’re cleaning, Hom-Bot also automatically goes to the station to recharge it, and then resumes work from the interrupted area.

Reduced noise level of up to 60 dB means that it does not disturb watching TV or talking.

Effective cleaning of the premises is achieved through the main brush sweeps and removes dirt and dust , side brushes clean in corners and along walls , as well as possible use of overlay microfiber removes stains from the floor and the remaining small particles of dust and dirt .

At the same time Hom-Bot is equipped with a HEPA 10 filter, effectively trapping dust particles and allergens. Thanks to a special design, the LG Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner bin is extracted from the top, which is very convenient and requires less effort than placing the dust canister on the side.

The robot-vacuum cleaner’s slim body, only 90 mm, allows it to clean without problems, even under low furniture.

LG Hom-Bot has been on the American market since April 2011.

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