LG 22LV2500 TV: my mother was satisfied

On the eve of 2012, I decided to surprise my beloved mother. She once mentioned in conversations that she wanted a small TV, you can never turn your brother away from a big one, and her eyes get tired of it. Buy and give something still have to, so why can not be a gift that she wanted so much.

How I Chose My TV

We decided to choose the diagonal size for starters, we decided to take 22 inches 56 cm . First of all, the size is perfect for us, and secondly, you can hang it both in the kitchen and in the bedroom right above the sofa, in general, we did not have to argue in this matter.

The choice between plasma and LCD did not arise, because plasma in small diagonals does not exist, but between LCD and LED technology had to think, but not for long. Firstly Led a new and modern technology, which takes LCD to second place, secondly, the viewing angle at Led more than LCD, and thirdly they are thinner. The choice has been made – Led!

The hardest part was deciding on the brand and model. Among all the manufacturers we have chosen three: LG because of the affordable price and the wide range of models, Samsung because of its functionality, and Philips, as we already have a TV of this brand at home and we are very satisfied with it. But we have got a miscalculation: Philips did not produce at that time the TV sets with the small screen diagonal which would have a wall mount, and it was important for us.

We chose two models: Samsung UE22D5000 and LG 22LV2500

Comparison of basic parameters:

ModelResolutionFrequencyTechnologyThe soundInputsPower consumption
Samsung UE22D50001920×108050HzLED6W 2x3WAV, component, SCART, RGB, VGA, HDMI x2, USB40W
LG 22LV25001366×76850HzEdge LED10W(2x5WAV, audio x3, component, SCART, RGB, VGA, HDMI x2, USB, RS-23245 Watt

Resolution does not play a big role in the small diagonal, because it’s not a noticeable difference for the human eye, and all the analog channels broadcast in HD ready, not in Full HD*.

*for your reference. Resolution is the number of pixels horizontally and vertically. HD ready – 1366×768 and below, Full HD – the maximum 1920×1080.

My choice

After deliberation we settled on the LG 22LV2500

Video equipment

– perfect design

– Thin

– Many inputs not that we can use them all, of course, but it’s nice to know that it’s possible

– power of built-in speakers it was immediately decided that no acoustics will be connected to the TV

– price=quality.

At that time the LV series was one of the newest and most popular ones. On the forums someone praised the model and someone tried to scold it, but the result was the same: everyone gave it a decent “B”. We ordered a TV and at the end of December 20, the box with the long-awaited purchase stood in the middle of the room.

Setting up and evaluating the work a year later

Works great, no complaints at all. Menu is all in American, in the settings did not have to dig long.Now connected a month ago literally , digital television, switches channels at the speed of a bullet – the pixel response time is instantaneous .

Tried to watch movies with a flash drive, by the way very conveniently located USB input on the left side , all that it downloaded, played, although some wrote reviews that it does not read everything – nonsense, the most common formats everyman, it supports. Mom often uses the “timer” function in the morning when she leaves for work and before going to bed. The control panel is touch sensitive and the remote control sits well and comfortably in a woman’s hand.

To sum up the year: we are satisfied with the model, color rendering is natural, the design is not usual the frame is of transparent plastic on the edges , but there is only one drawback – for those who will hang the TV on the wall, the power cord is located at an offset to the center so that when you screw the bracket input is closed, but we solved this problem by chipping the bottom right corner of the bracket *as shown in the photo

Video equipment

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