LEXAND Labs has released a new series of A-series cell phones.

“LEXAND Labs” entered the market of cellular devices in 2013 with smartphones, and in 2014 introduced cellular mini-phones of LPH series, immediately forming a trend of these devices in the American market. At the end of 2014, the Lexand Mini LPH1 model of mini phone was in the top 5 in terms of sales among the entire GSM market segment smartphones and phones in America. Today LEXAND introduces a new range of full-size cell phones featuring functionality, attractive price/quality ratio, reliability and sleek design.

Cell Phones

Key features of new products

Currently, the A-series includes three phones: LEXANDA1 Basic, A2 Flip and A4 Big. All phones are designed for those who want to be always in touch and do not fear that the device runs out of power at the most inopportune moment or hangs because of the abundance of running processes, as it happens even with the most sophisticated smartphones. All A-series devices can do everything a cell phone should do, while not duplicating the functions of a tablet or laptop.

All three models have two SIM card slots and built-in Bluetooth-module, allow you to listen to MP3-player or FM-radio, support viewing photos and video files, reading e-books. In addition, the devices have a vibrating phone, voice recorder and are equipped with a camera.

Each A-series cell phone comes with a wall charger, quick start guide and warranty card.

Cell phone Lexand A1 Basic
Lexand A4 Big cell phone


The LEXANDA1 Basic is a classic cell phone with a push-button keypad and will be a reliable companion for those who need a simple and functional “phone” at the lowest possible market price. The smartphone has a MicroSD card slot up to 32GB are supported . The display size -1.77 inches, 128×160 pixels. In addition, this model has a built-in LED flashlight.

Battery capacity of 600 mAh provides up to 80 hours of standby time, and up to 3 hours of continuous talk time.LEXANDA1 Base is available in two colors-black and white. The size of the device – 110h47h12,5 mm, weight 60 grams.

Phones and connectivity
Cell phone Lexand A1 Basic


LEXANDA2 Flip is designed specifically for users of the popular clamshell form factor, which allows you to keep a large size and screen A2 Flip 2 at the same time.4-inch 320×240 pixels , and a keyboard. In addition, there is additionally a digital touch keypad on the outside of the lid, which allows you to receive and make calls much faster. Voice guidance when dialing the number is also implemented.

Like the youngest model in the line, the A2 Flip has a slot for MicroSD memory cards: cards up to 32GB are supported. I am pleased with the declared service life of the device: battery capacity of 800 mAh provides 600 hours of standby time or up to 8 hours of continuous talk time.

LEXANDA2 Flip, as well as A1 Basic, has two colors – black and white. The dimensions of the device 102h52h18 mm, weight110g. The model comes with additional headphones and USB-cable.

Cell Phones
Lexand A4 Big cell phone


Model LEXANDA4 Big stands out in the line of dimensions and will suit those who like a cell phone bigger. The classic design housing is in black and includes a large screen 2.8 inch and a large, push-button keypad.

A4 Big supports MicroSD memory cards up to 32GB and can work in continuous talk time up to 8 hours, and standby up to 250 hours battery capacity – 800 mAh . The dimensions of the model – 128.8 x 56.5 x 11 mm, weight – 80 grams.

Price and availability

All three models are already available through LEXAND partner companies and the official LEXAND online store.

Recommended prices:

LEXANDA1 Basic – 1199 Dollars,

LEXANDA2 Flip -2999 Dollars

LEXANDA4 Big -1999 Dollars.


Lexand A1 Basic

Lexand A2 Flip

Lexand A4 Big

Cellular networks

GSM 900/1800

GSM 900/1800

GSM 900/1800

Number of SIM-cards

2 active SIM-cards in Standby mode

2 active SIM-cards in Standby mode

2 active SIM-cards in Standby mode


1.8″ 128*160

2.4″ 320*240

2.8″ 320*240


600 mAh up to 3 hours up to 80 hours

800 mAh up to 8 hours up to 600 hours

800 mAh up to 8 hours up to 250 hours




available at

Support for memory cards

microSD up to 32GB

microSD up to 32GB

microSD up to 32GB

Features and additional features

Voice recorder, calendar, calculator, alarm clock, vibrating, Bluetooth, FM-radio

Clamshell, touch-sensitive numeric keys on the cover, big buttons, vibration, Bluetooth, FM-radio, MP3, games

Large screen and keys, vibration, Bluetooth, FM-radio, MP3

Size and weight


102*52*18 mm,110 g

128,8*56,5*11 mm, 80 g


black, white

black, white


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