Lessons from ROSOV: master class by Igor Sakharov. Part 2 – How to get the dog before it runs away?

The learning process at Igor Sakharov’s master class sometimes turned into a commercial shoot right in front of the students’ eyes. For example, on the same day I shot a cat and a dog. And the dog was photographed against two different lighting conditions, one against a black background, the other against a white background. Observing the practical work, you always learn along the way a lot of useful things which you can not come up with by yourself – life is not enough!

In our previous publication we presented the first part of Georgiy Rozov’s report on master class of famous advertising photographer Igor Sakharov. It ended with a story about how Igor shot a dog on a white background. Read more of this photo shoot below.

Photo equipment

A dog on a white background

(Photo by Igor Sakharov

Shooting a dog on a white background

I’ve spied here how Sakharov uses the voices of puppies and cats recorded with a cell phone recorder to attract the animals’ attention and to keep them from trying to escape from the blinding light and unfamiliar people on the set.

Drawing light for shooting a dog front top. Source – big strip. Note: of the same company Broncolor. It’s really big and it brings out voluminous light, but I have to mention one more quality of it.

These gadgets have a kind of lens hood, but unlike the ones you put on your camera lenses, they are cloth ones. However, the role of these devices is the same: to prevent stray light i.e. light that doesn’t take part in the making of the image from penetrating the camera matrix.

A seemingly simple strip of fabric makes life easier for the photographer! Especially when you have to move the strip close to the subject…

Read more – fotosky online version of “Consumer Photo & Technique” magazine

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