Lenovo unveils new Yoga series smart PCs at CES 201

Lenovo unveiled new devices from its Yoga family at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show CES. The new products included the Yoga S940, Yoga C730 with AMOLED screen and Yoga A940 PCs, which got innovative smart features, as well as the Yoga Mouse with built-in laser pointer.


Yoga Mouse wireless mouse with built-in laser pointer

The new wireless mouse from Lenovo is the indispensable companion of the modern business man. It combines an ergonomic laptop arm with a 1600 DPI sensor resolution with a handy laser pointer. The novelty will allow users to reduce the number of gadgets that they need to take with them to business meetings and business trips.

With the latest smart features, technology and advanced audio-visual capabilities, the new Yoga family is ready to offer users around the world a whole new level of comfort and security for work, communication and entertainment.

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