Large capacity and advanced technology to preserve the freshness in the new 207-series Side-by-Side refrigerators LG: GC-B207BVQA and GC-B207BTQA

New York, September 10, 2013. – LG Electronics presents on the American market the optimum solution for those consumers who need a stylish big refrigerator at an affordable price – the Side-by-side refrigerators of 207-th series GC-B207BVQA, GC-B207BTQA . The models are fitted with all of LG’s advanced technologies ensuring that the fridge is easy to maintain and easy to use, while also ensuring that food stays fresher for longer. Equipped with the LG Total No Frost Multi Air Flow cooling system, the models of the 207-th series deprive their owners of the necessity to defrost the freezing chamber. There is no condensation in the freezer compartment, and powerful streams of cool air cool the food evenly on any shelf, including the uppermost ones.

Built-in refrigerators

To preserve the freshness of your favorite foods and foodstuffs for longer, the 207 series refrigerators are equipped with special freshness zones. For example, the Moist Balance Crisper in the fridge compartment keeps fruits and vegetables looking and tasting appetizing, while maintaining optimal humidity. The honeycomb surface of this compartment’s lid stores condensation, preventing it from getting onto food and ensuring that moisture evaporates slowly. And the freezer compartment has a fast freezing function that preserves the flavor, color and nutritional properties of your food.

Models of Series 207 are available in two universal colors – white and titanium, which will perfectly highlight the interior of any kitchen. The elegant long straight handle is not only ergonomic, but also perfectly complements the clean lines of the silhouette of the refrigerator. Modern external LED display allows you to easily control the settings of the device.

Well thought out ergonomics of the interior, and the use of LED interior lighting, which requires less space than traditional bulbs, results in an internal volume of 528 liters of useful space. You can store more of your favorite foods in the refrigerators 207-series. Plus, the bright LED backlighting improves interior illumination by nearly 1.5 times. Compared with an incandescent bulb, less heat is generated and cooling efficiency is improved.

Bioshield door seal made of antibacterial material prevents mold growth and keeps the sealant sealing properties for much longer.

The GC-B207BVQA and GC-B207BTQA models of the 207th series are already available on the American market in the MVideo store chain for prices starting from 43,990 Dollars.

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