Lamark LK-1132 Y steam iron review

Steam Station Iron

Brilliant design, ceramic soleplate.

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It is desirable to have a stronger steam.

Steam Iron Lamark LK-1132 Y


POWER: 1,8 kW.

FUNCTIONS: dry ironing, steam ironing, constant steam 20gr/min, steam impact 20gr/min, vertical steam, spray, anti-drip system.

FEATURES: ceramic.

CONTROL: thermostat, steam regulator, power indicator, steam button, spray button.

CONSTRUCTION: 170 ml water tank, swivel cord clip, heel support frame for better upright posture.

COLOR: 2 colors: purple and orange-yellow VT, Y OG.

FIGURES: 310x130x150 mm.

WEIGHT: 1,1 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


The device is designed for dry ironing and ironing with steam. Steam function provides a constant stream of 20 g/min which is enough to run for about 9 minutes. Pressurized sprinkler helps dampen fabrics, so you can tackle creases and dry clothes faster.

When the iron is running at low temperature, the “Anti-Cup system” is activated: it traps water, preventing it from flowing through the steam holes, thus facilitating gliding, including on synthetic fabrics.

Iron soleplate ceramic, smooth, scratch-resistant and has good gliding characteristics, especially at maximum heat.

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