Kulich from Bork

Will need:

Wheat flour 500g


milk 200 ml

dry yeast 1,5 h.l.

100g butter

2 eggs.

sugar 4 gr.l.

salt 1 tsp.l.

50 gr. raisins

dried apricots 50 gr

Cardamom 0.5 ch.l.

For the icing sugar:

1 egg white.

powdered sugar.


Place ingredients in order , except raisins and apricots, in baking dish. Place fruit in dispenser that automatically adds it at the right moment. Set the “Dough” program and press “Start.

When the bread maker signals the end of the kneading process, press the “Stop” button and turn off the power source. Allow the dough to proof for 40 minutes. Then select the “Bake” program and set the timer for 45 minutes. Press the “Start” button.

Check if the kuliches are ready with a wooden skewer. To make the glaze, whisk the egg whites with the powdered sugar until smooth and homogeneous. Serve sprinkled with powdered sugar or covered with icing sugar and garnished with candied fruits.

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