Kitchen hood Faber Twice

Want to choose the best cooker hood for your kitchen?? The Faber Twice 60 or 90 cm wide hoods combine the latest technology with a unique design and superb functionality.

Faber Twice Hoods


The performance of the Faber Twice hood is up to 610 m3/h.

High capacity thanks to advanced technology and not to high power.

Aries technology: It uses two brushless motors to increase performance and reduce noise levels.

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Perimeter suction and dual air intake also increase the performance of the hood and ensure class A energy efficiency+.

Low noise level The Faber Twice extraction system runs at low noise levels.

  • 3 speeds 180, 250, 410 and intensive mode.
  • Noise levels: 40/45/ 57/66 dB.


Faber_Twice hoods

  • Touch panel, can be controlled remotely.
  • You can also control the hood from the cooktop

    of a certain brand and model

    , as it has a built-in remote control.


Perimeter lighting 2 LED LV 4000 K. Power consumption – 3W.

Faber Twice 60 hoods


  • The front panel material is glass.
  • Two color options.
  • The hood is slim, positioned vertically to the cooktop.
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  1. Sage

    Can anyone provide feedback on the performance and durability of the Faber Twice kitchen hood? I’m looking for a reliable and efficient hood for my kitchen, and wondering if this is a good option. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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