KIOXIA introduces new product lines in the B2C segment

KIOXIA Europe formerly Toshiba Memory Europe introduces product lines including microSD and SD memory cards, USB sticks and solid state drives that will be marketed under the new KIOXIA brand. The company and its group members began operating under this name on Oct. 1, 2019. After a complete rebranding of the B2B lines, KIOXIA will launch products for the consumer segment B2C with a completely new design as early as April this year.


KIOXIA offers users memory cards, flash drives and SSDs to help them access digital data wherever and whenever they want. New KIOXIA products are ideal for smartphones, tablets and PCs, gaming, photography, video and other B2C applications.

KIOXIA places a high priority on quality, performance, and reliability in the development of products for the consumer market segment that customers have become accustomed to with their Toshiba Memory. KIOXIA is committed to maintaining these high standards and its commitment to innovation in order to continue creating best-in-class flash memory products that will meet the ever-changing and evolving needs of customers.

KIOXIA will help to make this world a better place with its devices with a brand new stylish design. The appearance of packing and products was modernized and brightened, reflecting KIOXIA vision and ideology of the independent flash memory manufacturer. Each product received elements of one color cyan, magenta, yellow, light gray, light green or orange to help consumers distinguish them and find the right device for their needs faster.

Under the new name KIOXIA remains the same flexible and innovative company that is committed to creating incredible new flash memory technology, offering a wide variety of products and helping users around the world gain access to quality storage devices. KIOXIA’s goal is to make this world a better place through the evolution of flash memory.

The launch of the new B2C product lines of KIOXIA will take place in April, and we can expect to see them at the company’s distributors during the 2nd quarter of 2020.

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