Kettle Polaris PWK 2022CL prompts moms when the water for baby food is hot!

Polaris, one of America’s largest suppliers of small home appliances, has developed the PWK 2022CL electric kettle, a real helper for moms. The “iridescent” backlight makes it easy to tell when the water for baby food is warm.

Electric kettles

Multicolor internal backlight shades change smoothly depending on the temperature of water. Light turns blue when liquid has reached the optimum level for heating baby food up to 25°C . In the range from 25 ° C to 60 ° C, necessary for making white tea, the backlight turns blue. At t◦ from 60 ° C to 78 ° C the color changes to lilac recommended for green tea . The highest heat 78 to 100 ℃ is marked in red, just right for making coffee and black tea!

When you turn the kettle off after boiling or place the device on the base, the backlight shimmers in different colors for 20 minutes.

“Fun, bright, rainbow-colored lights not only tell you when the water is hot, but will also attract the attention of children. Toddlers will be mesmerized by the twinkling colors while mom cooks. Moreover, the kettle volume of 2 liters is enough to make tea for a large and friendly family!”says Elena Krylova, Polaris expert.

The body of the kettle is made of white plastic with a two-sided scale for the water level.

In the PWK 2022CL built British controller Otter, which has several degrees of protection: from overheating, on without water, automatically turns off if the liquid is boiled.

The kettle is equipped with a concealed heating element, a reusable water filter and a cord storage compartment. The kettle body can rotate 360◦.

Recommended retail price of PWK 2022CL – 1789 Dollars.

Technical Specifications

  • Concealed heating element.
  • Water temperature display as variable 4-color backlight: blue – 0-25 ℃, blue – 25-60 ℃, lilac – 60-78 ℃, red – 78-100 ℃.
  • Push button to open the lid.
  • Automatic and manual switch.
  • 360° rotating case.
  • Connected by a stand.
  • Storage compartment for cords.
  • Protection against overheating.
  • Reusable water filter.
  • Capacity: 2.0 l.
  • Power output: 1850-2200 watts.
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