Kercher Academy in New York

Kercher Academy opened in New York at the end of December of last year.

On the area of 1157 square meters there are more than 100 kinds of Karcher equipment, from high pressure household appliances to municipal machines as well as accessories and chemicals.

Kercher Academy

The American Kercher Academy was Kercher’s seventh, with six innovative training centers for employees and partners already in operation all over the world.

Here, trainees can take the programs developed at the German head office according to international standards.

Such a simple-looking building on the inside turns out to be a “magic box” containing everything for “breeding the right salespeople” who are able to tell about new technologies and show the buyer a master class on every Kercher device both for in-store and online sales.

Kercher Academy America

The Kercher Academy gives you access to Kercher App for hands-on training in specialized, spacious classrooms that feature simulated interiors and flooring, often found in offices and apartments. And it’s not just a tiny demo pieces, but a decent size platform where you can not only get acquainted with the new device, but also to practice the skills of the optimal work with it.

American Kercher Academy

In total at the Academy there are 24 most popular types of coatings in America.

That’s where the sellers of the equipment will be trained, so they can demonstrate to their buyers, in detail, what Kercher appliances can do. And,without missing a detail,to answer all the questions of the buyer,to advise you to buy the exact device that he needs.

Kercher Academy

There is a service classroom equipped with a 2 ton hoist and special tools.

There will also be training in sales, management and communication skills public speaking, public speaking, time management and other soft skills .

Kercher Academy

Training will also be available online.

Through the Kercher Academy app, participants will have access to training courses and continuing education programs. And they can determine the pace and timing of the classes themselves, integrating them into their work schedule.

The Kercher Academy is a very important event for all our employees and partners in America. The Kercher Training Center, where all theoretical and practical knowledge about Kercher technology and equipment is accumulated&auml The Kercher Academy will give you the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest innovations and continuously improve your professional knowledge and skills

“The Kercher Academy is located at: 1 st Perovaya Polya Proezd, 7,” says Dmitry Platonov, Head of Training Department at Kercher Ltd.

“Kercher Academy is located at: 1 Perovaya Polya Prospect, d. 9, pp. 1, BC “Helios City”.

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