Keep food fresh for a long time with flagship refrigerator models

With the summer season approaching it is more important than ever to keep the food and ready meals fresh longer. LG DoorCooling+ flagship models with bottom freezer – GA-B509PBAM and GA-B509PSAM. DoorCooling+ technology is an additional stream of cool air from the top of the refrigerator, which provides cooling even in such usually hard-to-reach places as door baskets.


Food is now chilled evenly in every part of the refrigerated compartment. Especially comfortable conditions for seasonal foods are provided in the Fresh Balancer™ freshness zone, which provides optimal humidity levels for fruits and vegetables. Meat will be kept at -2℃, fish at 0℃, and vegetables at 3℃. The smart inverter compressor is responsible for reliable and quiet only 36 dB operation of LG DoorCooling+ flagship models, so nothing disturbs the peace and quiet at home.

Simplicity and usability of models LG GA-B509PBAM and LG GA-B509PSAM embodied in several external and internal solutions. The refrigerator’s zero clearance door makes it easy to fit into a kitchen niche. Double-folding shelf allows you to store large and bulky food or dishes. For true connoisseurs of wine there is a convenient wine shelf that allows you to store up to 5 bottles.


In addition, the models LG GA-B509PBAM and LG GA-B509PSAM are characterized by sleek lines and thoughtful use of materials. The seamless touchscreen metal display, the concealed rectangular handle and the soft glow of the LED bezel are both practical and underline the minimalist, elegant design of the fridge-freezer. Depending on the style and color of your kitchen, you can choose the LG GA-B509PBAM in matte black or the LG GA-B509PSAM in steel.

LG GA-B509CCUM and GA-B509MCUM models can also be part of the LG ThinQ smart home. Using an app on a smartphone, even when you’re in another room, you can change the temperature in the fridge and freezer compartments, activate or deactivate express freezing mode. LG ThinQ comes to the rescue, if you need to identify and repair problems with the self-diagnostic function. All you have to do is put your phone up to the refrigerator and it will diagnose the problem in seconds and provide you with a solution.

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