Kärcher Country Meeting

K Company&auml rcher held its annual Country Meeting conference. Participants of the meeting got acquainted with the company’s new products and key products – household and professional cleaning appliances, learned about innovations and current industry trends, and were able to communicate with leading experts in the industry.

K&auml rcher vacuum cleaners

At the outdoor area in Krylatskoe there were placed 10 thematic tents, which presented the technique K&auml rcher vacuum cleaners of various categories – from household vacuum cleaners to professional ultrahigh-pressure devices, including novelties with the use of universal rechargeable batteries.

Each participant of the conference had the opportunity to test any of the presented units.

K&auml rcher sinks

During the business program Alexey Alexeev, General Director of “Kerher” LLC, held a presentation where he shared the success of the company in America

in the past year alone, more than 20 new units have been launched on the market, sales have increased by 12% and the number of employees has grown by almost 20%! In 2018, the American representative office received a prestigious award for the dynamic development of the Kercher Center network. The number of customers in the online store alone amounted to more than 34,000 in one year, making the kärcher online site the number one online store worldwide in terms of turnover


Member of the Board of Directors of Alfred K&auml HEPA filter. KG Christian Mai talked about industry trends, focusing on battery technology, which is the most important direction of industry development and is gaining popularity among consumers. Already 26 of the company’s products can be operated with interchangeable rechargeable batteries.

Christian May

Innovative development approach and following the latest industry trends have been the key principles of the company since its founding in 1935. That is why today the company has 70 branches all over the world and is not going to slow down the rate of development, continuing to produce reliable and high-quality equipment for any need, meeting modern requirements and demands of consumers

Christian Mai, Vice President for Retail, pointed out, “They are the most important direction of the industry’s development and are gaining in popularity with consumers.

K&auml rcher

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