JBL 4429 Bookshelf Speakers Overview

JBL introduces the new 4429 as a direct descendant of the historic 4425 studio monitors from the mid-80s, the first relatively compact monitors with compression tweeters in Bi-Radial horns and a large bass driver that has enough bass efficiency to eliminate the need for an additional subwoofer. After 25 years, JBL engineers decided the classic ’44 lineup could use an upgrade. Technically the “newcomers” take a lot from the “top” of audio industry, the JBL projects of the past years with the sonorous names Everest and K2. Some technologies come from other successful Pro series such as Array. But in the design of the speakers the recognizable features of their famous ancestors are traced.

JBL 4429 Surround Sound System

The appearance and design of 4429 models according to their purpose is absolutely functional and is subordinated to a single goal: to obtain a sound, capable of reproducing exactly the smallest details of the recording, all the sonic nuances of musical works, regardless of its genre. Hence the strictly rectangular outline of the speakers, as well as a relatively large weight for bookshelves equal to 32.3 kg and the size – 635x400x300 mm HxWxD , so the model 4429 can be considered only nominally as a bookshelf.

Voluminous cabinet made of 25mm MDF panels and bound inside with wire ties. The outer surface is a walnut veneer, except for the part of the front panel surrounding the bass unit, which is painted light blue, and the grill is also upholstered in blue tones. To connect the speakers uses a backplate with two pairs of gold-plated universal terminals, allowing dual-cable connection by Bi-Wiring or Bi-Amping methods.

Speakers are equipped with a 300-millimeter bass driver 1200FE-8, which has a paper cone coated Aquaplas, large ferrite magnet, aluminum voice coil with edge winding, cast aluminum basket and a flexible suspension of EDPM foam rubber. Like JBL’s top-of-the-line woofers, the 1200FE-8 is engineered to minimize distortion and have a wide operating range because the bass driver has to play a big part of the midrange up to 800 Hz.

Therefore, the double internal spader of Nomex and a configuration with a long voice coil and a short magnetic gap are used. A large short-circuiting ring at the base of the motor prevents magnetic flux loss at high power levels. In its cabinet compartment, the driver is acoustically loaded with two phase-inverter ports extending into the lower part of the loudspeaker façade.

The rest of the midrange and tweeter region is dominated by two drivers enclosed in a single Bi-Radial horn assembly made of proprietary SonoGlass material, a rugged and acoustically inert polymer that is impervious to resonant frequencies. The 175Nd-3 low end compression tweeter operates from 800Hz to 7kHz. The tweeter is equipped with a neodymium magnetic structure, an aluminum voice coil with edge winding and a 50 mm diameter titanium diaphragm treated with the proprietary Aquaplas coating.

At the mouth of its horn the tweeter dome is protected by a metal mesh. Above 7kHz a 138Nd compression supertweeter with a 19mm titanium diaphragm and neodymium magnet comes into play. To adjust the sound depending on the preferences of the listener or the characteristics of the room monitors 4429 equipped with two controls the sensitivity level in the HF and the top octave. Separating filters themselves are divided into two physically separated circuits for woofer and tweeter to eliminate their mutual influence.

In general, the new JBL 4429 monitors do not follow the fashionable Life-Style trends in design, but give their owners the confidence that every penny is invested in the sound. So JBL 4429 is especially worth considering for music lovers with special requirements for quality playback – these monitors will let you get in touch with studio sound at home in a stereo system that matches their abilities.

200 000 Dollars.


Type: Bassreflex shelf

No. of Bands: 3

Speakers mm : tweeter – 19, tweeters – 50, treble woofer – 300

Recommended power of the amplifier W : up to 200

Frequency range Hz : 40-45k -6dB

crossover frequencies Hz : 800/7k

Magnetic shielding: no

Sensitivity dB : 91

Impedance Ohm : 6

Two-cable connection: yes

HxWxD mm : 635x400x300

Weight kg : 32.3

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