Jabra Stealth: Comfort and great sound quality with microPOWER technology

New York – July 29, 2014. –

Jabra announces Jabra Stealth – a new generation Bluetooth headset that takes comfort and ease of use to a whole new level.

Blootooth headset

Not only is the Jabra Stealth headset significantly smaller, lighter and more discreet, but it also offers greater comfort and extended battery life – all without sacrificing sound quality!

Millions of people around the world choose Bluetooth headsets, not just for their convenience, but also because they offer true non-contact control, allowing you to do many things at once, on the go. And the lightness and portability of this headset makes it ideal for everyday use in conjunction with your smartphone.

Phones & Connectivity

microPOWER technology

Thanks to microPOWER technology, which allows you to reduce the size of batteries while increasing their efficiency, there are wireless mobile headsets that are even smaller and more discreet. But their small size shouldn’t embarrass you: the Jabra Stealth is a powerful headset with great sound.

Noise Blackout™ technology

Jabra Stealth features Noise Blackout™ technology that removes all extraneous noise, leaving only the sound of your voice, and that HD Voice technology provides clear, crisp sound on both ends of the wire.

  • A few words about other useful features of the Jabra Stealth:

  • Unique Ultimate Comfort eargels™ that fit the shape of your ear shells perfectly

  • NFC support for easy pairing

  • Streaming music, podcasts or GPS navigation instructions

  • 6 hours of talk time thanks to PowerNap power saving feature.


Price and affordability

Jabra Stealth will go on sale in early August for the recommended price of 3,699 Dollars.


For more information, visit the website:


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  1. Giselle

    The Jabra Stealth sounds promising with its comfort and excellent sound quality. But what specifically sets it apart is its microPOWER technology. How does this technology enhance the overall performance and battery life of the headphones?

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