JABRA SPEAK 810: Lightweight conference calls for successful business

New York, October 1, 2015. – Jabra, the world leader in telephone headsets for different market segments: call centers, offices, mobile telephony and entertainment, announces the release of a new professional office speakerphone Speak 810 as part of the popular Speak series. Novelty is designed to organize joint work of up to 15 employees in one meeting room and eliminate problems in effective business communication: quality of transmitted speech and convenience of connection will let you focus on the actual business during negotiations and not to think about technical solutions for high-quality conference calls.

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New speakerphone from the market leader pushes the productivity boundaries of office workers with its unprecedented speech quality and unique features.

Continuing the standard of quality and ergonomics set by the more compact Speak 410 and Speak 510 models, the new model guarantees even louder sound with clear speech transmission. Jabra Speak 810 connects to any smartphone or communication device or communication platform. For this purpose, the new product is equipped with three connection options: via USB, a standard 3.5 mm audio cable and Bluetooth. A separate USB input will also allow you to connect any mobile device to charge during negotiations. Also available for quick pairing with Android smartphones via NFC Near Field Communications .

“The previous speakerphone series Speak was very warmly received by colleagues in America, for many it has become an indispensable tool in everyday work: the ergonomics, portability and speech quality of this product is amazing. But very often we received requests from our colleagues for the same convenient solution for the office, when the negotiations require more volume, better noise cancellation and more sensitive microphone, which would be enough to transmit speech to a large number of people. Now we’re introducing Speak 810, which meets all these needs and makes the conference call in the office not only high quality, but maximum comfort”, – says Galina Carlson, Regional Director Jabra America, CIS and Baltic countries.

Statistics show that up to 15% of every business meeting with a conference call is spent plugging in and setting up the various devices. Jabra Speak 810 makes it easy to get down to business functions right after the call, without having to worry about technical support. In addition, research into healthcare and hearing safety has made the device extremely comfortable for up to 15 people talking at the same time in a room of up to 100m2. These impressive capabilities are made possible by the powerful built-in speakers, and Jabra’s exclusive ZoomTalk™ intelligent directional microphone, which focuses on a person’s voice, so you only hear what’s important. All extraneous noise will be filtered out and remain “in the background” without interfering with effective communication.

Like almost all of Jabra’s solutions, the new speakerphone is the most suitable device for Unified Communications UC . More and more companies are choosing to invest in devices that increase employee mobility and communication capabilities, and with tools like the Speak 810, this investment will quickly become a reality. A new product to help facilitate group communications and make conference call formats more convenient and affordable. Another important argument for versatility is that it supports the most in-demand unified communications solutions on the market, from Jabra’s partners like Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, and others.

Suggested retail price of Jabra Speak 810 €599.



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    How does the Jabra Speak 810 contribute to successful business operations in terms of its lightweight design and conference call capabilities?

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