iPhone killer already in America: Le Pro3 smartphone test

There’s no doubt about it, the Le Pro3 is a shining star in the hardware. The clever new camera is based on the top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 MSM8996 Pro processor. It’s not yet in mass distribution and is used in a limited set of smartphones, such as GooglePixel XL, OnePlus 3T, Xiaomi Mi5S Plus, AsusZenFone 3 Deluxe.

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Theory and impressions

Although the new processor has only four cores, it gives a head start to any other “full-core” counterpart. And not the least of these is its 64-bit. For graphics is responsible Adreno 530 with a maximum frequency of 652 MHz. A serious toy for serious gamers. For quite a long time this chip will suffice for comfortable playing even in advanced 3D games.

The tested version of the smartphone has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of UFS 2 internal memory.0, of which the user has access to as little as 24GB.

Other modifications of the smartphone are available to users:

  • 4 GB OF RAM + 32 GB OF ROM
  • 4 GB OF RAM + 64 GB OF ROM
  • 6 GB OF RAM + 64 GB OF ROM
  • 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM

Moreover, versions 4+64 and 6+128 are delivered with LeEco cloud services.

The list of supported networks is extensive: GSM Band 2, 3, 5, 8 , CDMA BC0, BC1 , WCDMA Band 1, 2, 5, 8 , TD-CDMA Band 34, 39 , EVDO BC0, BC1 , FDD-LTE Band 1, 3, 7 , TDD-LTE Band 38, 39, 40, 41 . No problems with operation in American networks tested on MTS and Megafon .

Le Pro3 will not let you get lost even in deep forests and fog due to the presence of A-GPS and GLONASS modules. Le Pro3 does not instantly catch the signal, but once it does, it never loses it. And this is very American: long to harness, but fast to ride. Indoors the smartphone works steadily in a reasonable proximity to windows.

The novelty is also perfectly friendly with WiFi. LePro3 supports virtually all wireless data formats: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac , 2.4/5 GHz, 2-streamMU-MIMO. The data transfer rate “over the air” is very high: a file weighing as much as 30 GB is read from the hard drive router without a hitch. The reception power is also impressive: the signal passes through a wall 18 cm thick, like Harry Potter in wizard school, although even tablets such as DellVenue 8 Pro, and can get stuck somewhere inside a concrete wall.

I was pleased that the Le Pro3 has NFC-chip, which is often lacking in modern smartphones. It’s convenient and secure. Somehow it so happens that in our country NFC is used mostly for payments. It is logical, it is easier and safer to get the phone than to “shine” purse. However, the NFC capabilities are not limited to ATM functionality, NFC can work as an electronic pass and a label reader similar to a QR code and more. In general, the service is promising.

Phones & Connectivity

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Phones and Communications

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The thing that impressed me the most about this gadget was the CAPACITY BATTERY! In my opinion, battery life – this is one of the most important parameters of the smartphone, which for some reason greatly underestimated. And, both by manufacturers, sticking 2000mA batteries in their flagships, which are not enough for a day, and consumers. Particularly amusing when we proudly say that smartphone A is lighter than smartphone B at 20 grams, but are silent about the fact that smartphone A requires constant availability of charging, which weighs five times more!

With Le Pro3 the situation is different.It installed a high-capacity Li-Pol battery at 4000mA. Impressive, nothing to say. Li-Pol batteries are more durable, which is very important when using a non-removable battery. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the price for longevity is fragility. The battery can be damaged by a strong impact.

Do not forget that without using a quickcharge 3.0 it would take a long time to charge such a high capacity battery and now it only takes a few hours.

Summary – on paper we have a smartphone with truly divine stuffing and an extremely low price that just screams: “hey, you top brands, maybe stop robbing the people?”. But how adequate are the parameters declared by the manufacturer of the Chinese device? Let’s see what result will show Le Pro3 in the test measurements. If the declared characteristics are confirmed, then the child will inherit his father’s new smartphone, and his father will get a new Le Pro3.

Measurement tests: no matter how you measure it, the speed does not fall

What smartphone review is without synthetic tests? That’s right, none – it’s like a wedding without a bride.However, let’s keep in mind that these same synthetic tests are sharpened for a certain iron and has different evaluation criteria. For example, Qualcom, the processor manufacturer, has its own test, and guess with one hand whose processors take the upper hand there?

To avoid “negotiated results” let’s use a wide set of test suites. Let’s start with the most popular at the moment AnTuTu. It is based on an assessment of 3D graphics, CPU, RAM, and database work.


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Phones and connectivity


The results of the test measurements are truly stunning. Our test gadget is on the 3-4th place, scoring 157580 unmarked units. In this case, as a comparison, is the result of a similar smartphone 160856. That’s the difference between a working smartphone, crammed with programs and the stock smartphone. In principle, the difference is not great. It turns out the performance of the device does not drop much in standard everyday use.

And who is cooler? And the only one tougher is IPhone 7, which scored 170 thousand and a bit. Given the different operating system, we can consider the Le Pro3 the most powerful smartphone on Android according to AnTuTu. True, one of its main competitors, the Mi5splus is breathing down its neck. The results shown by Le Pro3 and Mi5splus are comparable.

Another test suite – Geekbench. The overall result for Le Pro3 is as follows: single core – 1836, multi-core – 3755. Le Pro3 is the most powerful smartphone in this category, leaving SamsungGalaxys7 behind. However, in multitasking mode, the GalaxyS7 significantly beats the Le Pro3, showing about 5200. But it is worth considering two facts: the price of these smartphones is not comparable, anyway Le, but Le Pro3 in the top of the most powerful devices.

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Phones and connectivity

Telephones and communication

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The last test suite is 3Dmark, familiar to all gamers from personal computers. This packet is specialized for estimating performance in games”. As the test scene was selected slingshotextreme, where Le Pro3 scored 2218 “pluses, beating out the SamsungGalaxys7 and ZTEAxon 7. However, the advantage is minimal. Le Pro3 is second only to the exotic Google PixelC and VivoXpy 5 ultimate.

Phones and Connectivity

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Phones and connectivity

Let’s summarize. If we focus on performance, the price of the smartphone and the popularity of its brand do not matter. Le Pro3 is not only as good as, but often outperforms promoted brands and models.

Battery life.

A powerful processor, 5.5 inchFullHD display, a large amount of RAM is very picky about energy consumption. Therefore, the question of the degree of battery life of the Le Pro3 is quite serious.

In the ApTuTus battery test, the Le Pro3 shows a decent third result. However, we need to make a correction for the lower performance: competitors are significantly inferior to the novelty in speed and, accordingly, in power consumption. In real life, if you use one sim, if you turn offWiFiand GPS, when they are not needed, the charge lasts for 2-4 days.

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Summary: the claimed characteristics without problems were confirmed by test measurements. Le Pro3’s performance in the Android category to date is unmatched and almost on par with the expensive iPhone 7. And the battery really keeps the smartphone online up to 4 days. Excellent result!


In the dry balance we get an excellent device which can compete with the flagships of not only Chinese counterparts, but also with the world’s brands. Yes, it is not without flaws – not the coolest camera, no amoled display, no flash card support, not the best localization and customer support in America. But for those who don’t care much about the above, it’s just a gift, not a phone. A stylish metal body, a great display, amazing performance and decent battery life are offered to you for the price for which you could buy a mid-range phone not so long ago. In general, for the pragmatists and those who are not chasing after pompousLePro3 just a gift.

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