Inverter cassette and duct type ACs from Hisense

The Hisense series of cassette and ducted air conditioners have been developed with DC inverter technology. The benefits of this technology are obvious. It allows for precise control of compressor operation, while saving 30-50% more energy. This technology also provides a low noise level, high reliability of the split system and a reduction in service cases. It is necessary to specify that not every semi-industrial conditioner can brag of the inverter technology.

Inverter type cassette air conditioner from Hisense

Hisense inverter cassette split system has high energy efficiency class A which means high capacity with low electricity consumption. Its fresh air supply enables fresh air to enter the room and its copper pipe system inside the topography ensures efficient heat transfer and reduced power consumption.

Hisense inverter cassette split systems also have different operating modes: Turbo intensive mode, Smart automatic mode and Night Care mode. Users can also select any capacity from 18,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU 1 kW &asymp 3412 BTU/hr . Reliability of outdoor unit is secured by Anti Rust Corrosion Coating.

Hisense inverter ducted split air conditioners, like cassette split systems, have a wide power range. In addition to the aforementioned supply air capability, intra-relief copper tube system and various operating modes, the Hisense ducted split system has the ability to distribute treated air through a duct system.

This feature makes it possible to cool several rooms at the same time. It should be noted that Hisense, with a complete production cycle, quality control and a huge list of patents, is a recognized world leader in air conditioner manufacturing. Over the years, Hisense products have become associated with products of the highest quality and latest technology, – Hisense air conditioners are rightly considered as one of the best in the world.

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