Inverter air conditioners take care not only of the air

Now almost all sellers recommend to buy inverter air conditioners. I wonder if this is only due to the higher cost of inverter models, or if, indeed, they are better?


Inverter air conditioners Panasonic can do almost all: quickly and with care create comfortable temperature in the room clean the air from dust, viruses and allergens save electric power, and thus the money of their owners work unobtrusively and quietly.

Mild Dehumidification

When inverter air conditioners Panasonic of Super Deluxe and Deluxe series are in the mode of maintaining the set temperature in the room, they make sure that the humidity level doesn’t go down. They keep relative humidity 10% higher than in common cooling.

It is very important for the well-being of people, especially during sleep: the skin and mucous membranes do not suffer from excessive dryness, you wake up cheerful and full of energy.

Cleanliness and control

Panasonic’s new inverter air conditioners have an e- ion air purifying system with sensor patrol 15% more efficient than before.

The system generates active e-ions that fall on the dust particles and attract them to the large filter. Effect of e-ions deactivates up to 99% of airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores. The air is freed from elements harmful to our health, so Panasonic air conditioners are also air purifiers!

Sensor Patrol monitors the presence of microscopic impurities in the air and turns on the cleaning function of e-ion APS when it detects them. At that the cleanness of air is checked even when the air conditioner is switched off.

And all around is silence!

Simply by pushing the button it is possible to reduce the noise of Panasonic indoor unit by 3 dB. It will allow making not simply quiet but very quiet, almost imperceptible.

Saving every day

Inverter air conditioners Panasonic are very energy-saving: they save up to 50 per cent in cooling and up to 64 per cent in heating.

Besides, microprocessor controls the work of compressor and prevents the electric energy consumption.

Moreover, Panasonic inverter conditioners have a scroll compressor which does not lose its efficiency depending on the wear and tear as it happens with ordinary rotary compressors.

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