Innovative De Dietrich Naneo PMC-M wall mounted condensing boiler

De Dietrich presents new innovative series of wall hung condensing boilers Naneo PMC-M, output 24-39 kW. In just a few months Naneo became a bestseller in Europe and is now on the American market.

De Dietrich

The most modern

Naneo combines the most modern technologies and materials. The heat exchanger is a monoblock made of aluminium and silicon alloy. This alloy is an ideal heat conducting material and has a high chemical resistance, due to which this design is considered the most advanced type of heat exchanger for condensing boilers. The modular layout of the boiler makes installation and maintenance much easier. All components are made of modern composite materials.

The most compact

Naneo is extremely compact thanks to its special design 66.4 x 36.8 x 36.4 cm and can be installed in almost any room. The weight of the boiler is only 25 kg, which means it can be easily installed by one person.

The most economical

Naneo represents an energy saving potential of up to 40% compared to the previous generation of classic condensing boilers thanks to its high efficiency of up to 109% and a modulating burner 24% to 100% . At the same time, the new boiler is significantly more affordable than other condensing boilers.

Easiest to operate

Naneo offers a fundamentally new approach to boiler control. The boiler is equipped with a removable control panel that enables the adjustment of the most important parameters for the user. Changing deeper technical settings, if necessary, should be carried out by a specialist. The boiler is shipped from the factory fully set up and ready to go. At the same time the Naneo design is fully in line with the overall De Dietrich philosophy and offers a wide range of options for expanding functions and building heating systems of any complexity.

Until the end of 2013, the Naneo boiler series is available at special retail prices:

PMC-M 24 1274 EUR.

PMC-M 24/28 1313 euros.

PMC-M 30/35 1673 euros.

PMC-M 34/39 1788 euros.

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  1. Delaney

    The De Dietrich Naneo PMC-M wall mounted condensing boiler sounds impressive, but how does it compare to other similar products in terms of energy efficiency and performance?

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