Information security screens with convenient iPad mounts were introduced by 3M

According to IDC, an international research company specializing in IT market analysis, by the end of 2013 the American market was shipped 7.68 million tablet devices, 20% of which accounted for tablets from Apple[1]. Such dynamic growth in sales has been directly affected by the increase in the number of people who use tablet devices as a work tool. Employees working “on the go” now face the challenge of protecting information on corporate devices.

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Visual privacy on the iPad so popular todayis easily achieved with the use of special screens for information protection from 3M. The screens are an optical film that, on the principle of a “micro-jalousie,” limits the amount of light that passes through at angles greater than 60 degrees. This means that the information on the tablet can only be seen when you are right in front of it. Looking from the side or from behind the owner, a person will only see a dark screen. The filter also serves to physically protect the display from scratches and damage – the polycarbonate coating of the filter is quite strong.

Convenient attachment has become a distinctive feature of the new screens from 3M’s previous removable filters. Installation on the iPadIs made possible by a patented adhesive backing located only in the corners of the film. Washable corners of the screen allow for multiple uses and no air bubbles when re-attached.


A removable filter protects the iPad screen and, if necessary, is removable so the user can share information with colleagues or clients at any time. With information privacy screens, employees can be more flexible and mobile during the workday than ever before.

In America, the trend of visual privacy in the professional sphere is only gaining momentum. In offices, banking, healthcare and government, protecting against unauthorized viewing of corporate data is an essential part of security. To avoid the potential damage from the loss of such information, many companies have specific policies that state an employee’s obligation not to disclose corporate data and protect it by means that prevent it from being read from monitors while working in public places.

Data protection screens can be ordered from Amazon and The screens are priced at $49.99 for Apple iPad and $44.99 for Apple iPad Mini.

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