Indesit Push Induction hobs&Go

Indesit Push&Go induction hobs are equipped with a Push&Go button that allows you to run automatic programs. DualZone cooktop combines two zones into one to accommodate bulky pots and pans.

Indesit Push&Go

The hob automatically sets the desired power depending on the cooking zone and independently selects one of the modesPusch&Go

(Availability of programs depends on the model of the hob

: Push&Boil and Push&Warm.

  • Push&Boil starts the boiling process and reduces the energy consumption.
  • Push&Warm keeps food at optimal temperature after cooking is complete or when liquids are slowly evaporated.

DualZone multi-purpose zone

DualZone combines two cooking zones into one large area with the same power level if needed. Just one push of a button and you’ve got extra space to work in.

The temperature in the DualZone is kept at a constant level.

Easy&Reliable function

The Easy&Reliable program features 10 functions that make it reliable and easy to use. So, the user will be able to put “childproofing” to prevent careless touch of a child, accidental change of power level and more. For example, the appliances heat only when in contact with a pot or pan.

Control and design

The controls are placed on the edge of the panel and follow the pattern of the heating zones, which makes it easy to set the appliance to work.

The appliances have a platform that requires no additional front ventilation, allowing the panel to integrate into a 50-cm-wide niche.

Pricing and availability

The newa Indesit Push&Go induction cooktop is available from December 2019 at RRP:


RRP Dollars

Start date

IB 88B60 NE

28 990

December 2019

IB 65B60 NE

25 990

December 2019

IS 83Q60 NE

22 990

March 2020

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