Indesit introduces new refrigerators that adapt to you

We believe that the story of our brand is made up of many stories connected to each and every one of you, the consumer of our products. That’s why we want to satisfy your needs and wants you to trust us. Indesit appliances are innovative and smart, making life easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Our philosophy is precisely to make simple, intelligent appliances that can help you enjoy life more, and take more time for yourself.

The big appliances for the kitchen

New Indesit refrigerators: functionality and perfect storage conditions

New fridges are able to satisfy the most important needs of consumers: they allow you to vary the internal space for each type of food and keep your products in perfect condition.

Tailored to your needs, the interior is specially designed to give you the right configuration for every type of food. And the No Frost system ensures optimum food storage without having to defrost the freezer compartment.

Such a high performance is due to the combination of systems and functions such as the Flexi box, No Frost system, extendable shelves and the Multi Task zone fridge drawer.

The new Flexibox container is located on the part of the refrigerator where you can have the best view of the contents and makes it easy to find the ideal conditions for food storage. You can put it on two different independent levels as you wish: the lower level keeps food at around 5°C and doubles the space available for fruit and vegetables, whilst the upper level allows you to keep delicate food, such as fish and meat, at around 0°C.

The universal, ergonomic Multi Task storage area is located on the fridge compartment door and provides quick access to the most frequently used food. You can use it to store bottles, so that they are still nice and steady, or as a compartment for fruit and vegetables, so that they are always in view.

The Sliding System allows you to extend the shelves up to 7cm and the locking system locks the shelf inside the fridge. The simple pull-out shelf gives you a quick glimpse of everything on the shelf – even the ones that are far away.

The new Indesit refrigerators have an original design and due to their modern outlook they fit perfectly into any interior. The aesthetics of the interior are functional, and the transparent containers improve visibility of their contents: this emphasized simplicity of forms reflects the reliability of all Indesit appliances.

On sale since May 2015

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