Incredible smoothness of movement: Acer presented NITRO XV272UK 170Hz gaming monitor in America

NITRO XV272UKVbmiiprzx gaming monitor, which is an interesting combination of high resolution, high-quality IPS matrix and high refresh rate up to 170 Hz. This advanced 27 inch 2560×1440 model has wide viewing angles and quality color reproduction, covering 95% of gamma DCI-P3. This monitor features AMD FreeSync Premium technology for a smoother, more fluid gaming experience. Thanks to its smart design Acer NITRO XV272UKV can be placed on a table or hang on a wall with the classic Vesa arm.


Comfortable Classics

The Acer NITRO XV272UKV has a sleek, minimalist look. The monitor is designed so as not to distract from your screen. Gaming monitor offers gamer maximum comfort. The neutral gray color and thin frame around the screen gives a pleasant impression of a classic austerity. Rounded stand with tilting capability to change screen angle doesn’t draw attention, creating a comfortable and cozy feeling. The Acer NITRO XV272UKV has two HDMI 2.0 connectors, one DisplayPort 1.2, four USB3.0 Type-C format and six classic USB-B.

Accurate color rendering and highest speed

Characteristics of the monitor are balanced in such a way as to ensure maximum picture quality at maximum refresh rate. Large diagonal of 27 inches is balanced by 2K resolution. IPS panel complements the traditional wide 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angles with extremely fast 1ms response time and natural color reproduction with 95% DCI-P3 gamut. The NITRO XV272UKV also has a favorably low Delta E factorMore than 1 and complies with the DisplayHDR 400 standard – all these parameters provide exceptional image quality.

The monitor supports a high screen refresh rate of 170Hz in overclocking mode and an excellent response time of just 1ms GtG . This provides instantaneous response to user actions and maximum image clarity during action scenes in games or movies, with no blurring or plumes. Support for AMD FreeSync Premium technology allows you to adjust monitor refresh rate to match your graphics card refresh rate, eliminating picture tearing and helping to ensure smooth, seamless on-screen frame rates.


Protect your players’ vision

Gamers spend a lot of time in front of monitors, so Acer took care of their eyesight protection. The Acer NITRO XV272UKV supports the full set of VisionCare 3 technologies.ZeroTouch™ technology, including BlueLightShieldTM, which eliminates harmful blue light emissions without compromising image quality Flicker-less, which reduces screen flicker that causes eyestrain Low Dimming, for reducing maximum brightness in the evening or when the lighting is low and ComfyView, a matte-screen anti-glare coating.

For user comfort, all monitor settings are controlled via the user-friendly Acer Display Widget, which allows you to change picture modes, adjust picture settings for specific applications, control signal sources and customize monitor setup profiles.

Price and availability

Acer NITRO XV272UKV monitor is already on sale in American market. Suggested retail price of the new product is 31 990 Dollars

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