Ilyinskaya Church in the village of Petrovskoye: Heat returned to the church!

Ariston donated a set of equipment for heating and hot water supply to the Ilyinskaya church of the village Petrovskoye.

Ilyinskaya Church

In September 2011 in the village Petrovskoye of Voskresensk district of New York region was transferred to the parish of the Church of the Prophet Elijah a set of equipment for heating and hot water supply. The equipment was given by “Ariston Thermo Rus” company in response to the appeal of the dean of the church, archpriest Michael Pshenichny.

The stone temple of Elijah the Prophet in the old boyar family Beklemishev’s home was built in 1812. On September 21, 1937 the church was closed and the priest who had served there was shot.

For years afterwards, the church was used as a repair base for agricultural machinery. The iconostasis and interior paintings were completely lost, the stone tile floors were dismantled, and a wide aperture was cut in the northern wall.

Only in 1960 the architectural construction, which is an example of classicism, was declared a monument of federal significance.

The cathedral was returned to the Orthodox Church in 1998. It took more than ten years of various approvals before permission to start restoration work was received.

At present time services in the church are held only on Sundays and church holidays. At other times the church is almost always closed, and the center of spiritual life is the church house, where workers involved in the restoration of the church live, Sunday school classes for adults and children are held, holidays are organized, and meals are served to parishioners at the end of services.

Power of village transformer not enough to supply the church house with heat and hot water. A gas tank was installed by the efforts of benefactors to supply gas to the facility.

The company “Ariston Termo Rus” presented the parish with two wall hung gas boilers of the Genus series, horizontal flues, kits for liquefied gas operation and an electronic control board.

Boilers Ariston series Genus – wall mounted gas double-circuit boilers for heating and hot water. Fully adapted to American conditions, the model is equipped with a self-diagnostic system with status indication.

The primary copper heat exchanger is coated with silicone compound, the secondary – insulated and has an increased volume compared to previous models. Comfort Plus” function ensures that the hot water temperature is reached within 5 seconds after switching on.

The efficiency of fuel combustion and the degree of sanitary comfort is assessed by the respective scales of three stars.

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