IFA 2019: 8K resolution Hisense TVs

At the IFA 2019 in Berlin, Hisense introduced TVs with 8K resolution, more than 33 million pixels, Quantum Dot Color Gamut and Dual Cell technologies.

hisense 8K

8K resolution

Hisense 85U9E already supports 8K Super Resolution Upscaler technology. With more than 33 million pixels, Quantum Dot Color Gamut quantum dot technology for vivid and natural colors, and premium Prime Array Backlight backlighting, it creates an image you have to see to believe.

In addition to the highest image quality, the new model also uses an advanced multi-channel speaker system 4.2.2. Compared to TVs with a standard 2.0 or 2.1 this model creates surround sound. It has upward-facing drivers and a total power of up to 110 watts.


ULED TVs are based on hardware and software that allows you to create a best-in-class image, and provide high quality motion, color, brightness and contrast. The image produced by ULED TVs is more detailed and natural than traditional LED TVs.

And ULED XD models can create even more contrast and detail than traditional LCD technology by installing a special panel behind the 4K board. Dual Cell technology duplicates each frame for two panels to increase picture accuracy and depth. With more than 1 million backlight zones, ULED XD televisions offer unsurpassed detail.

ULED XD TVs offer an image that offers exceptional realism, clarity and depth.

Hi-View Engine Technology

By continuously analyzing and adjusting image quality from input to output, frame by frame, pixel by pixel, the Hi-View Engine technology ensures the sharpest, smoothest images in its class. This also ensures smooth playback of sports broadcasts without any flicker or jitter. Hi-View Pro Engine technology includes an image processing chip and suite of algorithms that delivers a vibrant image with exceptional contrast, sharpness, detail and vivid colors.

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