IFA 2018: The new Miele W1 Passion washing machine

Miele has improved its flagship model of washing machines. The new W1 Passion combines all of the company’s advancements: programs, ease of use and superior efficiency – making it unique in the market.


  • The SingleWash function allows even the smallest loads to be washed quickly and economically.
  • These washing machines have an energy efficiency rating of “A+++ minus 50%” and wash times of less than 3 hours.
  • With a hot water connection, energy savings of up to 35%.
  • The washing machine is equipped with the intuitive M Touch control, which customers are already familiar with from other Miele built-in appliances.
  • In Germany, sales will start this fall a matching dryer will be available in early 2019.

The patented PowerWash 2 system is a guarantee of high energy efficiency.0 by Miele, which includes the Spin&Spray function.

Miele has perfected its technology so that even the smallest loads of laundry can be washed economically. The SingleWash function allows you to wash one or two items of clothing, saving resources and time – for example, the Minimum Iron wash program lasts only 39 minutes for more information on the SingleWash function, see press release no. 079/2018 . What’s more, energy efficiency is upgraded to the new highest level of “A+++ minus 50%”.

The hot water connection also leads to a high level of energy efficiency: The new flagship model has two hot water hoses, one for cold water and one for hot water, rain water or well water. Use of hot water significantly reduces energy consumption.

  • TwinDos automatically doses detergent according to the load size and dirt level, saving up to 30% compared to conventional manual dosing. Not only is that good for the environment, it also protects the clothes and saves money.
  • Washing machine W1 Passion has the capacity of almost 9 kg of laundry, drum spinning speed of 1600 rpm, it can also be networked with other appliances.
  • The use of a heat pump helps significantly reduce energy consumption of dryers. New flagship model T1 Passion achieves energy efficiency level “A+++ minus 10%” thanks to technical improvements. EcoDry technology, Miele’s unique filtration system and maintenance-free heat exchanger maximize energy consumption and drying time.

The washer and dryer uses Miele’s intuitive M Touch controls. A color LCD screen with touch controls allows you to select programs, temperatures and functions by pressing, flipping and scrolling. It’s intuitive, easy and fast – just like on your smartphone. White lettering on a black background is perfectly legible.

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