IconBIT XDS100 3D media center: if it’s a car, it’s a real one…

The media player iconBIT XDS100 3D is made in an original case, as if divided into two parts – the upper is as if inserted into the lower, protruding a few millimeters. At the bottom of the device there is a “landing place” for a hard drive of format 3.5″, – Installation time takes a few minutes.

Media Centers

Technical Specifications

Resolution: Full HD HD 1920x1080p ,

Chipset: Realtek RTD1186DD with support for 3D specification 1080p and Blu-ray,

Analog outputs: Composite video, Component video, RCA stereo audio,

Network: Ethernet 1000-baseT,

File System: Write and Read – NTFS/FAT32/EXT3/HFS+,

Network Capability: FTP, UPnP, Samba, DNLA, WEB server, UPnP server, Samba server, IPTV, Internet TV Youtube, IVI, Tvigle, America, etc. via iconBIT cloud server , torrent client Transmission ,

Digital outputs: S/PDIF optical audio, coaxial audio, digital HDMI 1.4,

Connectors: SD/SDHC card reader, USB 2.0 x 2 USB 3.0 version B , LAN,

Video containers: MKV [.mkv, .mka] ASF WMV [.asf, .wmv] MOV MP4 [.mov, .mp4] MPEG [.ts, .tp, .m2ts, .mpg] AVI [.avi, divx] RealVideo [.rm, .rmvb] Flash Video[.flv] DVD [.iso, .ifo, .vob] Blu-Ray [.iso, .mts, .m2ts]

Video codecs: H.264 MPEG 1,2,4(DivX, Xvid VCD SVCD DVD Blu-ray WMV9 M-JPEG 640x480x30p 848x480x10p RealVideo 8, 9, 10 up to 1280×720 ,

Audio containers: WAV [.wav, .pcm] ADIF, ADTS [.aac] /M4A [.m4a] OGG [.ogg] ASF WMA [.asf, .wma] FLAC [.flac] RealAudio[.rm, .ra, .rmvb].

Audio Codecs: MPEG 1/2 Audio Layers I, II, and III MP3 Dolby Digital(R AC-3 DTS DTS-HD Dolby TrueHD PCM MPEG-2/4 AAC LC and HE Microsoft WMA and WMA Pro FLAC Sampling rates: 8, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48, 96KHz DTS 6 ch LPCM, ADPCM, RA-cook

Subtitle: MicroDVD [.sub] SubRip [.srt] Sub Station Alpha [.ssa] Sami [.smi] DVD Blu-ray


Simultaneous RTD OS and Android systems.

Built-in web browser supports Flash .

Connecting to iconBIT cloud server for modular firmware upgrade, internet TV and radio services.

Compatible with standard USB keyboards and mice

Wi Fi – optional


The model is implemented on Realtek 1186DD chipset, released last October. The processor of the 6-series is pretty fast – its frequency reaches 750 MHz. Perhaps – the ability to play three-dimensional content and the ability to work with the Android OS and are the main “chips” iconBIT XDS100 3D. The unit can be connected to the network either via LAN, – or via Wi-Fi, with an additional module. On the right side of the media player is SD SDHC card reader, two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 version B, – for connection to a computer.


All outputs are placed at the back, – HDMI 1.4, composite audio and video jacks, digital optical and coaxial outputs. It is nice that the device has a component video output – strangely enough, even with digital HDMI many users prefer it, but not all models in this price bracket have a component output.

The menu has a brightness and contrast settings, you can adjust the volume, – t.e. only media player remote control can be used during playback. Note that you can connect a USB keyboard and USB mouse to the player XDS1003D, they are perfectly supported, – and in the Android applications in general, it’s hard to do without them.



iconBIT is omnivisional – no problems with watching videos of different formats. With mkv large size the device handles smoothly, the file weighing 35 GB is played without jerks and easily rewinds in both directions. The soundtracks and the numerous subtitles, which are also part of the file, are changed on the fly without any problems.

By the way, the size of the subtitles and the position on the screen can be adjusted according to your preference and screen size. Lip articulation t.If necessary, you can also adjust the video delay in relation to the sound , – but during the testing such a need did not arise.

The device supports Blu-ray menu, which is also nice. The device is also able to access files over the network. By the way, the network speed of the IconBIT 100 3D is up to 1Gbit 1000 mbps ! For the full playback of Blu-ray images and with menu support even in 3D images the speed is not excessive.


A word about 3D

Despite the decrease in excitement around this format it has its admirers. Since the model under review goes beyond the budget sector, it is only logical to expect that it will be able to playback three-dimensional content.

And the player does it! To tell the truth, it’s better not to use Blu-ray 3D menu to increase access speed, – after all the disc menu uses not the most simple Java-scripts, – but is it so important??

Stereoscopic content is rendered – and that’s the main thing.Recall that in the 3D video file the image is duplicated with a shift in perspective, which allows you to get the stereoscopic effect.

Therefore, when you connect the player to a regular, “two-dimensional” TV or office video projector will be given a picture from one angle, – but the “clutter” the unit will not and from the playback will not refuse.

Features of Audio Tracks

It is possible to meet complaints of users that the output audio signal is performed only in stereo, – it’s true, but only in encoded LPCM format.

Dolby True HD, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio tracks the player outputs “properly”.


RTD operating system is loaded when you turn on the device. Access to the menu item “Android” opens a few simple applications – of course, through Android Market you can install the necessary applications, expanding the capabilities of the device almost infinitely. Depending on your desire you can turn your iconBIT XDS100 3D into a game console, music center or laptop.


To summarize

In general, the device is universal and will suit both unsophisticated users and more advanced ones, who want to “upgrade” even their iron. This can sometimes explain the selective attention of the publications, which have already tested the iconBIT XDS100 3D, to different features of the device.

As for us, we were really impressed by the number of video services “embedded. It’s clear that having a built-in browser allows you to access any online viewing portals. But for many users who want access to content without “unnecessary” adjustments, the abundance of streaming video options will be very appealing.

Here are just a few.

Youtube XL – a portal optimized for watching YouTube videos on a big screen in high quality.

Video Library – section includes access to ivi, tviggle, America and Vesti.

Media center indicated in the menu by the eloquent icon IPTV contains radio and TV channels, present only in the network.

Very big video hosting provided by friendly self-styled Ukraine – when you enter “UA online 2” a big catalog of movies opens.

Video equipment

Frankly speaking, after getting acquainted with the device I recall the talks about legislative control of the Internet – today, when the popularity of the official terrestrial television is decreasing, the Internet broadcasting often becomes the same as the appearance of Echo Moskvy radio station in its time.

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