IconBit NetTab SPACE II Tablet – on sale now!

The distinctive feature of the tablet


IPS-matrix 9,7-inch with a high resolution of 1024×768 pixels, which provides a wide viewing angle and a bright picture. This model runs on the Android 4.0. Through the use of a new graphics processor NetTab SPACE II plays all video formats, including Full HD formats 1080p . Standard USB ports allow you to connect external storage devices OTG and 3G modems, and HDMI 1 output.4 gives the ability to connect to Full HDTV.


Slimmer, sleeker design

With each new product, iconBIT tries to make the body of the device as thin as possible. NetTAB SPACE II is no exception. It weighs just 653 grams, and its casing is made of comfortable-to-touch aluminum and plastic in black and silver.

Dual core processor with up to 1.6 GHz

The latest Rockchip processor provides high performance and low power consumption. Dual core ARM Cortex™-A9 MPCore™ and the ARM Artisan® Physical IP Process Optimization Pack POP deliver up to 10%-20% more performance. 3x faster performance compared to existing single core tablets.

Quad-core GPU with OpenGL ES2 support.O and OpenVG 1.1, 3D graphics and HD video playback without delays. Dynamic Frequency and Voltage Control System DVFS dynamically adjusts CPU frequency and supply voltage to maximize battery life.


9.7-inch IPS screen

NetTAB SPACE II is equipped with 9.7-inch IPS screen, has a wide viewing angle, high brightness and contrast, fast response time. Even outdoors on a sunny day, your screen stays bright. Viewing angle of the screen is 178 ° in all directions.


Dual channel DDR3 RAM

NetTAB SPACE II has 1GB of DDR3 RAM. Optimal memory capacity for playing games, browsing the web, and opening large files.

Computers & Peripherals

Optimal configuration

Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor 1.6 GHz, quad-core Mali400 GPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, operating system Android 4.0.4, 9.7-inch IPS screen, Wi-Fi, the ability to connect external 3G modems.


Share your happiness

NetTAB SPACE II has HDMI Full HD video output, which allows you to display HD video and games on a TV or projector screen and enjoy them with family and friends.


Key Features

Optimized for Android 4.0 4.1

Dual-core processor 1.6 GHz

Powerful quad-core graphics core 400 Hz Mali-400

1 Gb DDR3, 8 Gb NAND flash up to 64 Gb microSD

Full-HD and USB OTG support

Capacitive 9 screen.7″ 1024×768, 4:3 IPS multi-touch

Pouch included

G-sensor 2 cameras 2 & 0.3 Mpix Battery 7800 mAh

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