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Hyundai Electronics strives to develop products that meet the needs of a variety of customers. Microwave ovens are no exception. They are designed with different needs in mind, which means everyone can choose the best option for themselves.

Hyundai Microwave Ovens


Cooking with microwaves is quick, healthy and easy. Temperature of food does not exceed 100 ° C, thus their nutritional properties, flavor and natural taste are preserved.

The whole process involves a few simple steps: prepare the food, select the appropriate power level and cycle time. Cooking is faster than with other methods. For example, baking a cake crust takes 5-7 min, boiling potatoes – 4-6 min, porridge – 2-3 min.

Microwave base mode is optimal for heating. What could be more convenient – put mashed potatoes or soup in a serving dish and place in the oven for a couple of minutes. And there’s no need to use any extra cookware.

Low power operation allows you to defrost food. Usually it takes a lot of time, but what if you don’t have any? This microwave will help you out – it defrosts meat and fish gently and quickly, and you’re ready to cook in a few minutes. Not a minute is wasted!

The grill

Not everyone is ready to change their eating habits. Diet food from the microwave oven leaves you feeling insecure? Then you need a grill. Its job is to give food a mouthwatering flavor and a crispy fried crust. You can use the grill solo to grill wieners or chicken wings, make sandwiches with crispy grilled cheese, or make meatballs. But in combination with microwaves the cooking process is faster, the food is cooked inside and outside at the same time.

Hyundai models use a quartz grill, it heats faster, uses optimal energy and is much easier to clean!


The convection oven is a miniature alternative to the oven. The unit is equipped with a circular fan heater. The small volume of the oven instantly fills with hot air it circulates intensely inside, maintaining even temperature conditions throughout the cycle.

Microwave radiation makes the cooking process better and, of course, faster. This mode is suitable for many dishes – juicy meat loafs, apple stuffed poultry, layered casseroles, but particularly good for baking. The dough rises beautifully and is just the right amount of puffy and tender, just the right amount of browning.

Automatic Programs

It’s a help for experienced and novice cooks alike.

If you don’t understand the intricacies of microwave cooking, prefer precise cooking procedures and are gentle on the food, then these modes are for you.

Automatic programs of the function “American oven” take into account the peculiarities of the recipes, which are stored in the memory of the oven, the user only needs to specify the weight of the products. The oven selects the appropriate microwave level and cycle time.

Finding the right model isn’t easy. Although there is one rule: choose for yourself – let your microwave oven will be able to do what your family needs, every morning, afternoon and evening. Then your purchase will be a joy and a benefit – that’s what Hyundai Electronics is for.

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