Hyundai HYBM-P0513 bread maker: black, white, gluten-free

How Hyundai HYBM-P0513 bakes bread: white, black, gluten-free.

What else can it do, what is interesting?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this model?

Let’s talk about everything in order.

Hyundai HYBM-P0513 bread machine

Hyundai HYBM-P0513 bread machine design

This breadmaker is compact.

Dimensions: 29×23×30 cm. It takes up very little space.

Thanks to the vertical design of the basket, the loaves are tall and look more like cakes than like store-bought loaves.

Black plastic finished body. It practically doesn’t get dirty, which compares favorably to its snow-white counterparts.

On the top of the lid there is a 8×7,5 cm viewing window. In certain stages of cooking, you can watch the process through it. But when the dough is lifted the window fogs up which is natural and becomes useless.

The oven stands on anti-slip legs that do not mark the worktop.

Length of the cord is 80 cm, so the appliance must be placed close to the power source.

Hyundai HYBM-P0513 Breadmaker


  1. Main. Cooking time 3.00 2.53 h. Bread weight 900 /700 grams.
  2. French. Cooking time 3,50 3,40 h. Mass of bread 900 /700 grams.
  3. Wholemeal. Cooking time 3.40 3.32 h. The mass of the bread is 900 /700 grams.
  4. Quick. Cooking time 2.10 hours. Bread weight 900g.
  5. Sweet bread. Cooking time 2.55 2.50 hours. The mass of the bread is 900 /700 grams.
  6. Gluten free bread. Cooking time 2.55 2.50 hours. Bread weight 900 /700 grams.
  7. Dough. Cooking time 1.30. Calculated for 4 cups of flour.
  8. Knead dough. Cooking time 0.25 h. Calculated with 4 cups of flour.
  9. Muffin. Cooking times of 1.50 hours. Calculated for 2 cups of flour.
  10. Sandwich. Cooking time 3.00 2.55h. Bread weight 900 /700 grams.
  11. Stout bread. Cooking time 2.50 hours. Bread weight 900 g.
  12. Jam. Cooking time 1, 25 hours. Per 1,5 cup of fruit.
  13. Yogurt. Cooking time 8.0 hours. For 1 l of milk.
  14. Baking. Cooking time 1 hour.
  15. Manual mode. You can individually set the time for each cycle: kneading 1 6-14 min , baking 0-80 min , dough. , fermentation 1 20-60 min . , kneading 2 5-20 min , fermentation 2 5-40 min . , fermentation 3 0-60 min.Fast It is possible to set the time for each cycle: kneading 1 6-14 min , baking 0-80 min . . The settings are saved.
  • At the end of baking, Hyundai HYBM-P0513 baking oven beeps 10 times and automatically switches to heating mode, which is valid for 1 hour.
  • Manufacturers recommend pouring the liquid first, then adding flour or ready mix, then adding salt, sugar, yeast.
  • No separate container for raisins, nuts and seeds. During the kneading process a buzzer sounds 10 times, on hearing it, you must go over, open the lid and manually add the required products.
  • There are recipes for every program in the manual.

Experienced bakers will appreciate the manual mode and the ability to independently program the time of all baking phases. Less experienced, like me, for example, will simply cook in automatic programs, both according to the manufacturer’s recipes and according to descriptions from the Internet.

Bread made from ready mixes in Borodino is excellent on the main program and in the “French bread” mode.

There is a separate mode for gluten-free baking, which will be appreciated by supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

The yogurt function comes in handy, especially in the summertime at the cottage when you can buy fresh cow’s milk.

There are two modes for making dough: a shorter mode for yeast-free dough and a longer mode that includes a lifting process.

In the recipes, the amount of flour is given in cups. I would have liked to have read more about the consumption in grams. It is not quite clear whether the glass included in the delivery package or the standard glass. Not very clear what is “Sweet Bread”, I do not think that this mode will be needed.

For the yoghurt it would be useful to have a special container.

Hyundai HYBM-P0513 Breadmaker


The panel is located on the lid. There is a display in the center, with buttons around it.

  • On the left – “Menu” and “Time”.
  • To the right – “Cycle” and “Start Stop Pause”.
  • Under the display there are “Weight” and “Color”.

All information is shown on the display. Above is a list of programs.

  1. Plug into the socket, you hear a beep, the display shows “1” and the cycle time.
  2. Press “menu” button and the programs change, along with the time.
  3. You have chosen the desired cycle, put the ingredients in the container.
  4. With button “weight” you select 700 or 900 grams. The display underlines the selected value.
  5. Pressing the “Color” button adjusts the color of the crust – “light”, “ruddy”, “dark”. In this case, the display changes the cycle time.
  6. Press “Start” and the baker Hyundai HYBM-P0513 begins to work.

Button “time” sets the delayed start except for “Dough kneading”, “Yogurt”, “Baking” programs, sets the time in the “manual mode.

The “Cycle” button is needed to set different cooking cycles in the “Manual mode” program.

If you make a mistake and want to cancel the settings, you must press the “Start” button and hold it for three or four seconds, and the display will show “1” again.

If there is a power outage during operation, the oven remembers the settings for 10 minutes and restarts from the right place. If the light does not go on, then alas, all the settings will be lost, and then you have to act according to the situation: either start a separate baking program, or start from the beginning.

Control is simple, convenient and clear. The buttons are not touch-sensitive and are easy to press, even with wet fingers. Indication is bright, the display is clearly visible, no need to look closely at what weight and color of the crust – all the icons are large.

“Memory” for 10 minutes comes in handy in the countryside: there are often short-term power outages in the countryside. In the case of longer crashes, you will have to make your own way out.

It is a pity that the buzzer can not be deactivated. This can be a problem, especially when using the delayed start. When programming a manual mode, the inscriptions on the display are in English, you should get used to them.

Delayed start

Works in all the programs, except for “Make Dough”, “Yogurt”, “Baking”. To calculate the cooking time, it is not necessary to take into account how many hours the bread is cooked. Simply add the number of hours the bread should be ready in to the current time. For example, on the clock 20.00, you need bread at 7.30 am. Just set it to 11.30 and press the “Start” button.

Minimum step is 10 min., Maximal time – 13 h.

Calculating the cooking time very simply.

You can not just press and hold the button to change the time on the display. Must be pressed for each change, and the step is only 10 min. And each press is accompanied by a sound signal.

Hyundai HYBM-P051.3 bread maker


Power: 550 W.

Features: 15 programs: 9 for different bread, 2 for dough, 2 additional ones: jam and yogurt, 1 for baking, 1 with own programming.

Accessories: spatula extractor hook, measuring cup, measuring spoon.

Guaranty: 1 year.


Hyundai HYBM-P0513

Bake according to recipes from the manual, from your own recipes and from ready-made mixes. Made gluten-free bread for the first time in my life. It baked evenly, but looked less appetizing than the loaves were of different heights, from medium to high. The bread spatula gets stuck in the loaf more often than not, as with all bread makers. But there is a hook that allows you to take it out of the bread gently.

I always choose “dark” for the crust to be appetizing, and even if I baked a 700g loaf to double-check the indicator – 900g. I’m pleased with all the results. By the way, the photos show the bread that was baked in this bread maker.


  • Easy to use.
  • Baking quality.
  • Logical and easy to use.
  • The reliability of the recipes in the instructions.
  • Ability to make yogurt.
  • Manual mode maybe when I reach baking goddess level I will regulate all processes by myself .


  • Non-switchable buzzer.
  • No yogurt container almost nowhere to be found, which is a shame .

consumer recommended

The Hyundai HYBM-P0513 bread maker receives the “Consumer recommendation” mark

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