HYUNDAI H-PAC420: a short way to get to know your neighbors

We check the possibilities of wireless speaker system HYUNDAI H-PAC420


2,5 kg and 50 W of sound, moisture protection IPX5 not afraid of splashes and even light rain , Bluetooth, radio, reading from flash drives, what more can you ask for?

Want more sound?

Buy a second speaker and with the TWS function they will play from one source doubling the volume of the sound.

HYUNDAI H-PAC420 speaker system

Boombox – how much is in this word for several generations. Over the years, technology has advanced and now it is no longer a “box”, but rather a tube from tube , batteries and tapes are no longer needed, and the price has become affordable to a wide range of consumers.

HYUNDAI H-PAC420 speaker system package

Sold in a box. Included:

  • The speaker
  • USB charging wire
  • Wire 3.5 Jack to 3.5 Jack for AUX connection to phone or other device
  • Warranty card and instruction manual in American


Like most devices of this class, has a tube shape, at the ends of which at a hollow of about 2 cm are bass speakers.

HYUNDAI H-PAC420 speaker system

The central part of the speaker is covered with a cloth, under which there are two 3″ speakers.

The material is synthetic, tactile pleasant. Does not stretch, sits tightly, does not fluff up when exposed to mechanical influence.

HYUNDAI H-PAC420 cloth speaker system


On the top is the control panel. They are power indicator, volume and track change radio station change buttons, play/pause button, source change and TWS on button, and power button.

  • The control is intuitive. Only, considering the possibility of four sound sources, it would be nice to have charge indicators to indicate the active source. The thing is that in the Bluetooth search mode, AUX mode and radio mode, the LED of the power button blinks identically, and sometimes you can not select the desired playback source right away.
  • The control keys are rubberized. Presses very nicely. At the moment of pressing there is a feedback and a click.
  • Switching between modes is comfortable even with gloves on. By the way, you can do it with wet hands although we don’t recommend it .
  • The carrying handle is made of matte plastic, which has a positive effect on durability. This coating scratches less and keeps its original appearance longer. In addition, fingerprints will not be a problem. The handle can easily support the weight of the device 2535 g , no backlash, no crunch, no sagging. This is a definite plus. The knob itself is shifted to the back of the speaker.This arrangement protects against crushed wires that can be connected to the connector block at the bottom.


  • Under the rather weighty molded plug, which, by the way, can be removed without fumbling and without harming your nails, are located USB flash drive port, Micro USB charging port and AUX.

HYUNDAI H-PAC420 system

  • The stand is rubberized and does not slip. This is a definite plus, as is the moisture protection. You can not be afraid of an accidental jolt in the drive of the dance or accidentally spilled drink. In theory HYUNDAI H-PAC420 must be able to withstand a water jet in any direction – from above, from the side, etc.d.

With these features, the H-PAC420 is good enough to take to the beach or on water trips on boats or boating, for example.


The acoustic system HYUNDAI H-PAC420 is made solidly, without any frills. Design is understated. No acid colors, brightly colored overhead lights and other popsic things. Thanks to this universal system will fit in any interior.

Connection and sound quality

HYUNDAI H-PAC420 speaker system offers as many as four sound sources – Bluetooth, FM radio, USB flash drive and AUX. Exactly in this order they flip through the mode switch button.


Everything is clear with the connection through AUX – connect the wire, turn on the mode and that’s it. If you plug in the wire while another source is working, it will switch automatically.


For the stable operation of the radio is better to connect the AUX cable, it is used as an antenna. Although in New York, where good signal coverage, also works without a wire, which is nice.

Control is made very convenient – firstly all the stations are automatically scanned and saved saved at power on/off by the play button, and the further switching is done with the volume buttons.

The quality of reception is very good. H-PAC420 could well be used as a “background chatterbox in the kitchen”. Is that the large mass of radio stations is difficult to navigate. There is no information what frequency you are listening to now.


When you plug in a flash drive, HYUNDAI H-PAC420 system automatically makes it an active source. The tests showed that the speaker does not read NTFS, you will have to format the drive to FAT32. But H-PAC420 understands folders, or to be more precise, plays music from subfolders. As we understood from the tests, first the files in the root of the stick are played and then the folders in alphabetical order. There is no mode of random playback or the ability to switch between folders.


Everything is standard. Connect the phone and enjoy. Charge mode of the speaker is displayed, songs are scrolled.

HYUNDAI H-PAC420 speaker system supports the option to connect two speakers in mode


To double up on power and volume. Strictly speaking, one speaker becomes the left “earpiece” and the other the right.

Sound quality

In short HYUNDAI H-PAC420 “beats the music”. 50W is more than enough to turn a big room or a forest clearing into a dance floor. The bass is powerful and deep.

Not for nothing we called our review “a shortcut to getting to know your neighbors”.

The bass drivers are placed on a quite elastic suspension, so you will need a decent volume to excite them. At low volume HYUNDAI H-PAC420 sounds balanced, does not bang on the brain, but you can feel the lack of bass. At highest volume it is a bit lacking in midrange and treble. Speakers do not choke, but already audible resonances.

You should not wait for reference sound from HYUNDAI H-PAC420, this speaker is created for other purposes. Its elements are club music and other genres, full of bass. And with its task the speaker system copes well.

Range and battery life

Transmitter range is very good.

10 meters in a straight line or 18 cm concrete wall will not be an obstacle for HYUNDAI H-PAC420 speaker system.

It’s more complicated with battery life:

  • At maximum volume the speaker functioned for 3 hours and 15 minutes. But it is very unlikely that you will operate it at maximum. Still the sound quality suffers.
  • At maximum adequate volume about 75% battery life – about 5 hours. For a party “till morning” may not be enough. But you can always plug in the power cord can work while charging or turn down the volume a little to stretch the pleasure.

The bottom line

We have omitted one important fact – the price is only 4,7-5,5 thous. Dollars. For a portable speaker of this power is very inexpensive. The nearest competitors are more expensive not “by” but “in”.

To call the HYUNDAI H-PAC420 speaker system a budget option in terms of quality is difficult:

Good, albeit simple materials, high quality build and good acoustic characteristics. Those who like to measure the sound quality of the bass will be just delighted.

  1. Great price quality ratio.
  2. Powerful bass.
  3. High “portability.
  4. Good moisture protection.

No indication of active source.

the consumer recommends

HYUNDAI H-PAC420 gets the ‘Consumer Recommended 2021’ seal of approval.

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